Gamer’s Christmas Wish List 2013

Before we get started, let’s just go ahead and get the obvious out of the way right now.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the last few weeks, you know that the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft (PS4 and Xbox One) have officially launched.  Obviously these are going to be a hot commodity for gamers all over (especially if they didn’t pre-order).  So we’re just going to assume that one of those is on most gamers’ wish lists, and we won’t be mentioning them again in our lists…


Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate

I’m a single father, so money is always tight especially when a bunch of games release all at the same time.  So inevitably a bunch of games end up on my list, but I feel that’s a given for just about any gamer.  This year, I like to look at some cool ways to share my gaming nerdiness beyond simply having the consoles plugged in.  That’s why this Arcade Stick Light Switch is on my list this year.  Seriously, just look how freaking cool it is!  While it doesn’t do anything else other than turn on your light, it’s a neat way to show your gamer pride and heritage. 

X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair

I have a very nice recliner in my house along with a fairly comfy couch, yet something inside of me yearns for a piece of furniture dedicated solely to the purpose of playing video games.  I don’t know why, but it’s a strong urge, and one I’ve not been able to justify; which is why it’s perfect for a wish list!  Much like other gaming chairs, it has built in speakers that makes it feel like you’re right in the action of the game, but this one is wireless and thus exponentially more awesome. 


Eric “Fathergamer” Gibbs

Custom PS4 OR Xbox One Controller

What gamer wouldn’t love a custom PS4 or Xbox One controller to go with their shiny new console this Christmas? The prices can get a bit steep, but the payoff on Christmas morning will all be worth it. 

Vanilla Scented Super Mario Bros Soap NES Cartridge

This NES cartridge replica soap and cartridge sleeve set has the look of the original without the 8-bit microprocessor.  Think of this as a killing two pigs with one angry bird kind of gift. Not only are you giving that special gamer in your life an awesome gift. You are also giving them a reason to take a shower and wash that marathon gaming funk off. 



FC Mobile Portable NES System 

This thing is any retro gamer’s dream.  Not only does it let you play oldschool NES cartridges on the go (think Gameboy or DS), but it also hooks up to your TV so you can play them on your giant screen at home.  With a couple wireless controllers and a Duck Hunt gun thrown in as well, the FC Mobile Portable NES system is also a bargain at only $50.  I don’t know about everyone else, but my NES from way back in the 80s doesn’t always work like a charm anymore, so this would be a great way to still play my retro games… and take them with me on vacation.  If you want to spend a little more money, but get a little extra cool, check out the Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System which is similar and plays SNES games as well!

Guiness World Records 2014 Gamer’s Edition

Not only is this book filled with all the world records any hardcore gamer might want to beat, but it also has news, views, and trivia from the world of videogames.  It’s a fun read for any gamer whether they intend to try and break some records or not, and it’s cheap enough to make it an easy purchase.  It’s the type of gift most gamers would greatly enjoy, but that they probably wouldn’t think to purchase for themselves.  



God of War Blades

I found these at a local store in Arizona called “Bad Boy Blades.” Basically what they do is make replica weapons of popular TV shows, videogames, and movies. They had my attention with stuff from the Avengers (Captain A’s shield and Thors Hammer), but what was really blowing my mind was Kratos’ Blades from God of War. They were being sold for 120 dollars and came in a cool collectible box, and they really were sharp. Sadly the store doesn’t have a website yet, but I searched on Ebay and may have found some similar. However, it is Ebay so please be careful. 

Blade of Chaos

Twin Blades of Chaos (With stand)

Real Life MineCraft Tools

I just found these recently at Hot Topic, but you can get them off Amazon and Think Geek as well. They are stuff brought to life from the game Minecraft. You can get anything from a glowing torch, which also attaches to your wall, to Minecraft blocks. They all fully light up and are rather neat for any Minecraft fan. The torch retails at only 25 dollars from Amazon. 

Doom Plush Toys

Okay, I’m a huge Doom fan and I was debating what else to put on this list, but this is simply just cool. What’s better than mixing something normally cute and cuddly with one of the scariest games ever made for it’s time? They originally released these for a contest a while ago, but are now more readily available to purchase. They currently sit at 20 dollars on Amazon! 

world of warcraft trivial pursuit header


Assassins Creed: Black Flag – The Vial

One of my favorite titles of this year has been the wildly successful Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. One of the main plot points is (Spolier Alert) the vials, which are used to spy and subjugate the population by the use of an ancient First Civilization observatory. While the concept of a observation post powered by crystal skull technology is not in the cards just yet, you soon maybe able to own a vial of your own. Currently on pre-order via Ubi Workshop, this collectors item will be not only a great addition for the assassin or templar in your life, but an amazing conversation piece to boot. $59.99 US

Trivial Pursuit – World Of Warcraft Edition

For nearly a decade, Blizzard Entertainments World Of Warcraft has helped define the genre of MMOG with its mix of action, fantasy and social integration. Now, Trivial Pursuit has compiled a brand new edition of their game that celebrates the legend and knowledge of Azeroth, Outland, Northend and Pandaria. The game includes 100 cards with 600 trivia questions  covering all aspects of the game, its history and characters (hint: one of the answers is Leeroy Jenkins). Now available online for $27.95 US.

Bioshock Infinite – Mind In Revolt

2013 was an amazing year for gaming and Irrational Games presented the public one of the best titles in years, Bioshock Infinite. Now, from game creator Ken Levine and head writer Joe Fielder is a prequel look into the floating city of Columbia before the events of the game. Mind In Revolt is a beautifully designed faux leather cover book handstamped by The Comstock Re-Education Center featuring art by Jorge Lacera and Zoe Brookes. Its an excellent edition your bookshelf or coffee table. $100.00 US from Irrational Games.


Hopefully our wish lists will give you some ideas for the gamer on your holiday shopping list.  While brand new games are always a good idea to give out, these more unique gamer gifts are great ways to show someone you care and understand the passion they have. 

-The Cinelinx Team