Gamers Losing Youtube As Google Destroys Partnership

It seems a bit odd that the same time video game consoles go to streaming content online happens at the same time one of the biggest supposed supporters of the content turns their back. Yet that is exactly what is happening. Tons of videos from top Youtubers are being pulled from Youtube due to copyright claims galore. In some cases, hundreds of videos are being pulled and this is forcing several top Video Game focused Youtubers to leave.

Google has blamed the claims on the new rules that will “help the Enterprise” class of the website. They note the videos need to be pulled to support the heart of Youtube. Yet ask yourself what the PR is basically telling you in fancy wording. It is no different than Vevo removing music that they have licenses too. The second Vevo struck a deal with Youtube, putting music on Youtube at all became a hassle. Why? So all the users wanting that music would be forced to go to Vevo, and Vevo will make money. Yes publishers were a hassle to begin with, but now you have a company dedicated to making sure only they provide the content.

The same thing is happening here. “Ghost” reports are being made by third parties, and these third parties can be linked to competition. People want traffic to their content, and if they “have rights” to do that then they use a legal system to stop views at your end. Youtube is quickly becoming company run, and less user run than ever. Before long Youtube will be run by the same companies that make those TV stations you never bother to watch.

Even companies themselves that provide this content are saying to keep it. Publishers such as Capcom, Ubisoft, and others have openly stated “dispute the claims so we can fix it.” Even in this scenario, is it worth going through hundreds of claims just to fix what you already had? The question is, if the owner themselves don’t mind it, why are the videos being removed to begin with? That in itself is the issue.

At another site I worked at, and I believe it even happened here, we would post videos on Youtube. During the GOTY awards one year, PR’s were sending us the official videos to post on our channel. We had written consent that we were allowed to post them after the video aired on the show. So we did. Within an hour, every video was removed and we had recieved a copyright strike on our account with a threat of the account being banned. The copyright wasn’t from the publishers that had just sent us these videos, it was from Spike TV and GTTV…. This is just one example of a third party being the bad guy, not the publishers.

Google seems to not care though by alienating fans left and right for months. A recent change to the comment system forced Google+ on to every user. Major Youtube stars were disabling comments because they hated the move, and fans were stuck shuffling through pages of spam when comments were allowed. Google openly admitted this change was allowing spam, yet still forced it on us. Why? Why are changes like this being made when the original site is functioning and growing just fine?

Personally I think Google/Youtube has lost focus in an attempt to be something “bigger.” They want to be a broadcast style network, but are pushing the smaller users aside to get it. My question is, why do that? Why punish people for something that has made the site so big? Soon we might be afraid of making Vlogs because some Vlog network exists, or we accidentally panned over the TV screen with an NFL game on…..