Hands-On With Everybody’s Golf VR

Recently, Sony invited me to attend a showcase of their upcoming lineup of games.  Among those shown was Everybody’s Golf VR, a VR experience that puts players onto 1 of 3 original golf courses, encompassing 56 total holes, each more challenging than the next.  

Sports are just incredible, aren’t they? For professionals, it takes years of practice and dedication to the sport of their choosing to achieve greatness. The perfect example of this is Tiger Woods, whom we all saw perform one of the greatest comebacks in sports history, by winning The 2019 Masters .

It’s moments like these that inspire people to get out there, get on the green, and try to become a better golfer (or sports athlete of any kind). Only, it’s not as easy as the professionals make it look. It’s far more challenging. That’s the lesson I took from demoing the Japan Studio/Clap Hanz game, Everybody’s Golf VR.

At first glance, this seemed like it would be a simple game to master, but once you put on the Playstation VR Headset and equip the Move controller, it becomes a lesson in body and movement control unlike anything I’ve experienced in a VR game.

Everybody’s Golf VR features an extremely responsive system that measures how hard you swing and what your hands/wrists do when swinging.  I found that I often hit too hard and I’d turn my wrist when I swung, causing the ball to curve in the completely wrong direction. Thankfully, a member of the Development Team, Daimion Pinnock, pointed me in the direction of the practice swing mode.  It’s there so before you hit the ball, you can see if you’d hit the ball, how hard you’d hit it, and which direction it would go. After slicing the first two balls, the practice swing became my best friend and was one of the big reasons I completed the two holes.

In a lot of ways, Everybody’s Golf VR, wants you to succeed.  The practice swing mode acts like your own personal caddy, as it will tell you how hard you need to hit the ball, if you’re hitting the ball, and what the environment is like around you.  Furthermore, if you’re a novice golfer, like myself, the game features a mini tornado at the hole, to scoop up the ball when it gets close. This becomes a godsend when putting. If only golf in real life were as easy.

Despite the fact I finished both holes with a Bogey (+2 overall), the main takeaway I had from Everybody’s Golf VR is that it’s a fun, but challenging golfing game that allows you to practice real Golf mechanics when you can’t or aren’t ready to make it out to the course.

Everybody’s Golf VR arrives on Playstation VR on May 21, 2019.