If Godzilla Battled Video Game Characters Who’d Win?


Godzilla Vs Master Hand

Personally this is the whole reason I wanted to write the article to begin with! I think this ultimate battle would be beyond hilarious. Imagine Godzilla roaming through a city, being all mighty and massive, then out of no way gets slapped in the face. What is that? It’s Master Hand in the sky telling Godzilla to be nice or go home! Technically it works too because Godzilla is entirely made up, and without Master Hand, Godzilla goes right back to being a good ole Lizard! Probably without a tail, that’s why he is so angry…..


Godzilla Vs Snake

For this one to work you need to put yourself in Snakes shoes. You just destroyed a Metal Gear….. again. Your brothers are clone lunatics,  your “father” was some massive war hero that also…. well…destroyed Metal Gears, and you are looking to catch a break. Then you get a phone call, Raiden just got his ass kicked by some big giant lizard looking thing and they need your help. You show up, look up into the sky, and you see this mammoth of a monster! You probably just bend down, turn on the codec, and start yelling at Liquid….. but then he says no, it isn’t a Metal Gear! You ignore that psycho and start looking for an opening to destroy it from the inside…this won’t go over too well. That is until Snake takes over a Metal Gear to fight back and we have an epic showdown of Metal Gear Vs Godzilla!!!


Godzilla Vs Mario

Nothing could be better than taking one of the most friendly and happy-go fella’s and telling him to go beat up one of the most terrifying things in the world. What sucks even more is that Mario probably won’t be able to speed into him, and his fireballs will probably just tickle the beast, so he only has one option left. He needs to climb to the tallest building in the city, get to the very tippy top. Maybe take a shortcut through some pipes, who knows, but once he gets there he sits and waits….. Then the time comes, he leaps really really high and BAM! Lands right on Godzilla’s head! Just like that Godzilla flips on his bella and slides off the screen when Mario lands a second jump!


Godzilla Vs Q-Bert!

Think about it, Godzilla might actually be something great for the little guy here. Godzilla’s ultimate goal seems to be destruction. He is like a stereotypical jock, all bronze and no brains. Q-Bert on the other hand is a very smart(ish) because his game takes a bit of brains to accomplish. So perhaps, just maybe, Q-Bert would be able to outsmart Godzilla somehow? Or they could end up hopping after each other until the end of eternity as Godzilla keeps messing up Q-Berts trail!


Godzilla Vs Kirby

This might easily be one of the most comical battles of all time if this ever took place. One is one thing Kirby is well known for? Sucking things up and shooting players off maps until they are beyond annoyed. So imagine Kirby sitting on a bridge, tall building, or wherever and sucking up Godzilla. Suddenly this mighty beast is reaching and grabbing anything he can while sliding into a dark abyss of Kirby’s stomach. Then SWOOSH Kirby shoots him out into the ocean, only to do it again every time he swims back. Kirby is so tiny and sweet minded which alone is enough to piss off Godzilla, but to be constantly sucked up and spit out, that can’t be fun. It would be interesting to watch Godzilla get so frustrated with such a harmless character! If Kirby decided he could even become Godzilla himself!

So now we ask you! If Godzilla were to face off in video games, who do you want to see him battle? In comics it has been done before, so nothing is out of question! Especially with indie game makers roaming around every corner!