I’m on the Hype Train for These 5 Games at E3 2019

There’s been a lot of great game reveals at this year’s E3, despite some big studios sitting it out, but these five games are the ones I’ve fully jumped on the hype train for.

E3 is an event that’s almost entirely geared around hype. Studios spend quite a bit of time planning out presentations/reveal trailers specifically to get gamers’ attention. While many of us who’ve been doing this for a while can look past some of those aspects, and hands-on time can often make or break the experience, that doesn’t mean we’re immune to excitement.

As I’ve done the last few years, I’m taking a look at five games that completely sucked me in this E3. [Quick Note: I’m trying to limit this list to games that I haven’t mentioned before from previous E3 showings. If I listed it based off their reveal last year, then I won’t mention it again (even though I’m still hella hyped for them).]

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

One of my big hopes (though not fully expected) going into this year’s E3 was that we’d see another Star Wars game aside from EA’s upcoming Jedi Fallen Order. Xbox’s press conference provided that opportunity by revealing an all new LEGO Star Wars game. While word of this sneaked out during Star Wars Celebration, the confirmation was nice to see.

Sure, the trailer itself wasn’t all that revealing, but between the announcement that information coming out from demonstrations and our own hands-on time with it…I’m sold. The LEGO Star Wars games have been among my favorites and the new mechanics, combined with the entire Saga films to pull from, has me more than eager to dive in.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

I’ve been a Dragon Ball Z fan for a long time and have generally enjoyed most of the video games that have come our way over the last couple decades. The problem, however, being that I’m not a big fan of fighting games (I also suck at them). Since DBZ is all about martial arts action, it’s understandable the majority of games are focused on that element.

The Xenoverse games did a solid job of bridging the fighting action with RPG elements and a bigger overall story, but I’ve been longing for something more…That’s why I’m over the moon about DBZ: Kakarot. Based on the trailer and some hands-on time at E3 a lot of comparisons have been drawn between this game and the Legacy of Goku games on GameBoy Advanced. Since those are (still) among my favorite Dragon Ball related games of all time, I’m stoked to see how the RPG experience translates to a bigger 3D adventure.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

I know, it seems cheap to list two Star Wars games in my hype article, but considering it’s the first time in several years there’s been more than ONE to talk about at E3, I’m going to take advantage of it. While we got a look at the game during Star Wars Celebration, EA brought a HEFTY gameplay demo to E3 this year and it totally rocked my socks

While the comparisons many have drawn between this and The Force Unleashed seem understandable, this also looks like a drastic departure from those titles. You can still do cool stuff, but all of it feels more refined and less over-the-top than those previous games. The gameplay elements also seem less arcadey and allowing you to explore and play the way you want to.

Since 2013, all Star Wars fans have had from EA are two Battlefront games (both of which were “okay”) and a lot of cancelled projects. Jedi Fallen Order, however, looks exactly like the kind of Star Wars game we’ve been waiting for. Throw in an interesting sounding story, and some surprising characters (SAW!) and I’m all in.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

Just the day before Nintendo’s E3 Direct video, I was talking online about the desire for a new Tactics style video game. At the time I was lamenting the fact that Final Fantasy Tactics has been dormant as a franchise for several years, but it seems the gaming gods heard my pleas nonetheless.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics trailer looked like it was pulled directly from the old Final Fantasy Tactics layout. If the gameplay is anything similar, then we’re in for a fun strategic game. Combine that with an all new story set within the world of The Dark Crystal (and connected to the upcoming Netflix series) and I’m ready to throw down the cash.

12 Minutes

This top-down style, point and click indie game doesn’t exactly seem to fit in with the other games on my list…But since it’s trailer this weekend during Xbox’s press conference, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. While this game has been in development since 2015, I’d entirely forgotten about it until this year’s E3.

The entire premise has me intrigued. As the game’s title implies, you’re stuck in a 12-minute time loop in which you chat with your wife before someone busts into your house, accusing her of murder, and then proceeds to kill (or worse) both of you. At the end of the loop, you go back, but only you know what’s happened beforehand.

This will change the dialog options available to you as well as the ways you can interact with the environment. While the game looks to be set entirely within the confines of your apartment/adjacent rooms, there’s a lot of interesting story possibilities as you try to solve mystery after mystery. I can already imagine myself losing hours of time to this little game.

Honorable Mentions: These are the games I was already excited to play but E3 only made that hype increase (somehow).

Pokemon Sword & Shield

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Cyberpunk 2077 (Keanu!!!!)

Daemon x Machina

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Again, there were tons of GREAT looking games this year and it felt like a pretty damn fine E3 in terms of game reveals/presentations. These five games above, however, are the ones that have stuck with me most from the event this year. Which video games have you boarded the hype train for?