Indie Spotlight: Fuz Rush from Jet Stone Studios

Recently Jetstone released their first game Fuz Rush (available for free on Android and iOS), a side-scrolling endless platformer. The game see’s the player take control of Fuz, an adorable squirrel who must out-run winter.


A timer counts down the seconds Fuz has left before winter overcomes him, which can be topped up by collecting sunshine and passing into new zones. If the timer hits 0, the ground will begin to freeze and a terrifying frosty face will appear with the goal of gobbling up Fuz. The pressure of impending doom makes this game both exciting and challenging; there are only so many mistakes you can make before winter catches up with you!

Players collect acorns which can be used to purchase a plethora of snazzy upgradable gadgets, including a Hover Hat which allows slow-descent hovering, a Route Detector which opens access to secret paths through some zones and many more. Acorns can be found within the game, or purchased via microtransactions.


The handling is relatively easy to get used to, with on-screen buttons for movement and jumps performed with a tap on the screen. Fuz is also capable of performing double jumps which allows more diversity with obstacles and a mid-air dash to break through certain objects.

Visually the game is beautiful. It has a very fun cartoony appearance with detail that gives off the vibe that this game was lovingly and carefully created. The level design is interesting and creative – it’s not just a simple case of run and hope for the best.  Fuz Rush is certainly an impressive game. It can become addictive trying to beat your previous high score and is bound to be enjoyed by platforming fans. A great addition to the Indie market, we can’t wait to see more from Jet Stone Studios!


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