No Man’s Sky Journal #1: Intro Through the Radioactive Planet

Join us as we descend deeper into the No Man’s Sky Universe in Journal 2: Stranger Things in Atlantis!

The wait for Hello GamesNo Man’s Sky has been a grueling, two-year long experience.  To make matters worse, leading up to its release they began releasing Guide trailers and even the entire soundtrack by 65daysofstatic.  I can shamelessly say it has been the only thing I’ve listened to since.  The hype had been built in 2014, so sending out more content right before its release was just cruel.  So, you could imagine the agony I felt when Amazon indicated that my game wouldn’t arrive until two days after its release date.

Two days felt like six as I endured all my elated Cinelinx co-workers discussing the planets they had experienced, around the office.  I’m not ashamed to admit that my wife had to console me a few times.  She would find me staring at the Amazon/USPS tracking site, constantly refreshing the screen hoping to see an early delivery.  Alas there was none to be had.


Eventually, my game arrived and was immediately inserted into my PS4.  The wait was on for everything to download.  A quick sandwich later, the game was ready and it was time to begin my journey of the No Man’s Sky universe!  

I didn’t know what to expect from my first planet.  Part of me hoped it would be an awesome beach with some amazing lifeforms that I wouldn’t want to leave.  The planet I crash landed on wasn’t exactly an island paradise.  Instead, it was a radioactive rock, rich with vegetation without much life.  A red sky hovered above me as I got my bearings.  One thing you should know going in is that the game doesn’t tell you anything.  The robotic voice in your helmet is the only voice indicating what you need to fix/fuel but that’s about it.  No Man’s Sky very much throws you to the wolves.


Luckily, I had the luxury of having my buddy Tyler on the comms to help me get on my way sooner.  So, if you want to play but don’t feel like learning on the fly have a friend help you!  Or read Reddit.  That helps too.  Before I could get off the poisonous planet, I had to first fix my Exosuit, Ship, and Mining Gun.  This meant I had to explore the planet in order to find the necessary materials.  Meanwhile, my suit wouldn’t be able to protect me from the radiation for long.  Nor would my life support last long.  I would have to get my materials quick.  

During my travels, I would find several research camps that held some new blueprints for guns, exosuit and even my ship.  I also found a couple of Knowledge Stones that would teach me the languages of the Kazrik and Gek.  These would be important when it came to talking with NPCs and interacting with Monoliths.  It’s actually a very fun portion of the game.  I would eventually find a Monolith that would test me with a hallucination.  It gave me the option to fire my gun, claw my eyes out, or relax.  Since I knew the word calm, I knew to relax and I got rewarded with a sweet blueprint.  


I also discovered many different animal species.  I even got to feed them, which was cool.  That is, until I saw a crazy camel/sheep that had a giant mouth where its eyes should’ve been.  I avoided the creepy lifeform for the rest of my stay.  

Eventually, I gathered the necessary materials to finally leave the planet I couldn’t name because I accidentally uploaded with the longest nonsensical name I’d ever seen.  Make sure when you rename and upload you know exactly what you want to name it.  You can’t go back.  When I exited the planet’s atmosphere, I noticed that even the space around was red from the glow of the red planet, as well as the sun.  My next mission would be to develop a hyperdrive to get out of the radioactive system.


After purchasing a Dynamic Resonator and mining for more materials, I finally had my hyperdrive!  However, I had to fuel it by finding a warp cell.  Either the game was ready for me to leave or by some serendipitous coincidence, an alien reached out to me at an outpost on a nearby planet.  Apparently it rolled its eyes and just gave me antimatter.  Kind of confirmed that the game was ready for me to get on with the exploration.  

FINALLY!  I had all the necessary components to move on!  So, I started up my hyperdrive and made my way to the next system over.  A massive snowy planet appeared when I exited hyperspace.  When I landed on the planet, it reminded me of a snowy Canadian forest.  Instead of radioactive poison, now I had to deal with the cold.  However, I much preferred this new area.  I ended my first journey at a massive Gek shrine, where I learned a ton of new Gek words, including the word for Gek!


So far, I’m loving my time in No Man’s Sky.  It’s challenging and fun.  I really look forward to getting another ship and upgrading everything else soon.  One of the biggest issues with the game is that there aren’t a lot of spaces for storage.  It leads to some frustrating moments when you’re trying to collect materials.  That’s just part of the challenge, though.  I could also use more story but half the fun of No Man’s Sky is making your own story.  For instance the first planet I crash landed on, was once a vibrant world of technology until nuclear warfare destroyed it, causing it to become a radioactive wasteland.  That’s not the official story behind it but it’s mine.

Stay tuned for more Journal Entries as we continue our journey through No Man’s Sky!  Share with us your stories from the expansive universe!