No Man’s Sky Journal #2: Stranger Things in Atlantis

Read my journey from the beginning in Journal 1: Intro Through the Radioactive Planet!

Do you remember in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe when they pass through the wardrobe to find themselves in a snowy forest?  That’s exactly what this planet looked like.  The only difference was that there was no sign of James McAvoy in a faun costume.  So, it only made sense to name this place Narnia.  That’s right, everyone, I found Narnia!  That is, until I find a planet that fully exemplifies that secret land…

Nevertheless, my trek through Narnia was a long, cold one.  I discovered several species of animal that looked a lot like the mythical jackalope.  In fact, I spent so much time on that planet I had discovered all but two species.  I looked through every nook and cranny, even shot down a bird and scanned it but couldn’t find them anywhere…  What I did find, were several outposts that held the Gek.  Let me just tell you, my standing with their race had become so good, I was considered their partner.  However, I had yet to meet the alien species.  In my first outpost discovery, I walked into the base to find a short, squatty toad-like creature with a beak for a mouth.  It also smelled terribly, according to their descriptions.  They also have a strange fascination with carbon, so if you ever get a request to give them something about 90% of the time it is carbon.  That’s right, I’m the Jane Goodall of the Gek.

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After a few hours of finding monoliths, shelters, and outposts, I ended my quest to find all the animal species and moved on to the next planet, which held an abandoned warehouse.  Upon my descent onto the planet, I found that it was primarily covered in water.  The only land around were islands that rose from the water.  I broke into the warehouse by shooting down the door and discovered the recipe for making antimatter, which is necessary in order to warp to another system.  Before you think I just hopped into space and left, this is a new planet and its covered in water so I wasn’t just going to move on from it!  I’m happy I didn’t either because it may have been one of the most fascinating planets I had seen thus far.

First off, I found several underwater ruins that held secrets of the Gek and of the planet, itself.  To get to these submerged bases was no easy task either.  Ships cannot go underwater which means it’s time to go on foot.  Using a combination of swimming and my jetpack, I was able to bounce over to the areas in question.  Then, I would fly up as high as I could and then fall into the gorgeous kool-aid blue water.  This method allowed me to descend much quicker and save air.  All the underwater ruins and bases couldn’t help but remind me of the lost city of Atlantis.  How could I not name it Atlantis.  It may have been my favorite planet yet.

Atlantis was not just home to underwater bases.  It was also home to some of the strangest creatures I had ever seen…  Take a look at some of the animal species I discovered…

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13912581 10155104537229606 4226108110850617679 nSeriously!  What are those?!  I found several others that looked just like those two.  One was a bouncing cactus…a BOUNCING CACTUS…

Moving on, I also found massive boulders of gold that I immediately snatched up.  A couple of sentinels came my way but I made quick work of them.  I would not be denied the gold!  My time on Atlantis wouldn’t be as long as it was on Narnia but it was just as fruitful.  I discovered more language of the Gek, tons of materials and the most messed up creatures that will haunt my dreams forever.

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I hopped on my ship and set off into space once more.  When I entered the void of space, a few freighter ships blocked my path.  After seeing that they had resources I figured I’d be a space pirate and snatch some booty!  As soon as I struck the ship, turrets materialized to defend the cargo.  I made quick work of that and kept collecting cargo.  Then, sentinels appeared and it was time for my first fully-fledged space battle!  Three ships appeared to take me down.  I brought two of them down but it was the third that shot me down.  It was my first death in the No Man’s Sky universe.  

What I quickly discovered is that the game takes from Dark Souls. In that, once you die, you lose your stuff.  Although, you can always find your way back and pick it all back up again.  Don’t collect anything else, though.  If your slots get too full you will lose some of your precious cargo.  I respawned on the nearby space station and set off for my grave.  Once I had my belongings back in the ship, I made my way back to the station to sell equipment and look at buying a new ship.  

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Another tip that helped me make tons of cash is to pay attention to the market percentages for each material.  On the colonial database, it’ll show you what you can buy and sell for cheap or more money.  However, the best idea is to buy everything from the outpost and then sell them for more to the docking ships.  I went from 40,000 units to 170,000 in the course of half an hour.  It’s a great get-rich-quick scheme.

As soon as I finished being an entrepreneur, I decided to make my way to one last planet.  It was a radioactive wasteland, devoid of materials but its inhabitants were what made it the most interesting.  It was like I stepped into Jurassic Park in the Wasteland from Fallout.  There were tons of enormous dinosaurs.  They were incredible and they ran in herds!  Just like Dr. Grant told us they would!  I wouldn’t spend too much longer on this planet as there really wasn’t much going on but I did end up naming this planet Jurassic Wasteland because I was tired and couldn’t think of anything original.

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That concluded my second journey in the expansive No Man’s Sky universe.  I didn’t move on to a new system but I still discovered so much.  Collecting languages and exploring these planets are what make this game a lot of fun.  It’s not a story based game but that’s ok.  They do their best with what they have and like I said before, you make your own story.  I cannot wait to see what else I will find as I continue to explore each system.  There’s one more journal entry coming and I’ll have my official review score!

Before that, share with us your stories from No Man’s Sky!  What rating would you give it?