What is Bethesda Bringing to Their First E3 Conference?

As typically happens when something interesting in the gaming world happens, conversations amongst the Cinelinx team break out!  When Bethesda announced they were doing their own press conference at E3 2015, we immediately started talking about what we hope to see, and what we expect.  Check out some of our thoughts:

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Daley: It’s really tough for me to go with what I think will be revealed, over what I want to be revealed. It’s a hot topic of discussion between me and my friends. Many of them insist that a new Skyrim is closer than Fallout 4, but I am not so sure. With Bethesda releasing The Elder Scrolls Online not that long ago (in game development time) I am more inclined and hopeful to go for saying Fallout 4 is indeed on the horizon, it’s the Fallout universes turn to make a comeback. Maybe Fallout 4 will never happen, people say it is on par with us seeing a new Half Life (“IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!”), but I believe. I BELIEVE.


Dustin: I know that Fallout is exciting to fans of the series, and honestly Fallout will probably have some major teaser there for sure. I don’t think it will be some full blown game reveal, but Bethesda itself needs to get their name back out there and Fallout will do the trick.

Personally? Not a Fallout fan. The rest of the Cinelinx team will put me in a dungeon now, but I’m simply not. I understand the appeal and I respect the people interested in it. Yet I’m still excited for this for one very big reason. DOOM!  Honestly Bethesda has an entire event (Quake Con) dedicated to Quake and Doom. They teased the hell out of us and didn’t let 90 percent of the fans even see what the hell the teaser was. Yeah, I still hold a grudge for blacking us streamers out. They would be absolutely stupid to not put Doom on full blown display for this event. Remember Doom is hitting beta this year sometime (thanks to Wolfenstein) and is expected to be playable around the same time as this event. It would make sense to come out swinging with what I think is their most iconic game they have.

I’m still feeling them out. I don’t know if this is them having some major reveal that is worth being at E3, or if it was E3 simply losing some traction and asking them to please participate. If it’s the first option, expect something big (probably Fallout or something revolving around Oblivion/Skyrim), if not then expect the big surprise to be Doom! Regardless, this is their first ever E3 appearance and companies always come out swinging so expect them to do something to up the level. Hopefully they are not as boring as Ubisoft.

What I expect, Doom. What I want, Doom. What would also be awesome, more Wolfenstein. What it could be, Fallout. Here is how it I think it will go. Tease Fallout 4, announce Dishonored 2, reveal a new IP, blow my mind with Doom, then end with some more Fallout 4 (maybe pre-rendered gameplay).


Aaron: If you’re one of the three people who played The Evil Within, you know it ended on a blunt cliffhanger. The reactions came two-fold then, disappointment, and excitement for what’s to come. It’d be a little early coming, but as a devotee of Mikami’s new IP, I’d go bonkers over the slightest of announcements. A sequel to well established franchises like Fallout or Elder Scrolls seems inevitable, but I’m more interested to see if Bethesda has some new and original titles up it’s sleeve.

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Jordan: Bethesda has put out some great games over the years, and frankly, I’m kind of surprised it’s taken THIS long for them to do their own E3 conference. The fact that they are this year, is pretty telling, as I don’t suspect they’d host one for the first time if they didn’t have something big in mind to announce.

Obviously the biggest thing people are crossing their fingers for at this time is Fallout 4. There’s been plenty of rumblings about it in the past, and I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see it happen…unless they decided to forego that RPG for another Elder Scrolls. For what it’s worth, I don’t expect that to happen. We’re more likely to get another Fallout before the next Elder Scrolls (though I could be wrong). Personally speaking, I’m dying for a Dishonored 2 announcement.

The first game was so incredibly well done, featuring a great world/story, with mechanics that were fun to mess around with. Seeing this world brought into the next generation would be pretty awesome and could bring about even more unique ideas. That being said, I’m sure we’ll be getting some big Doom news (on the reboot) and seeing some actual gameplay footage.

Between JUST those 3 properties, I’m betting fans would lose their minds and Bethesda could pretty much drop the mic and walk away. While I suspect they’ll have more to talk about (hopefully even a new IP), whatever they bring to the table is likely to be big. Can’t wait to see it!

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Matt: It’s been way too long since we’ve had a Fallout game and my post-apocalyptic itch needs to be scratched.  What else could they possibly be needing an hour long press conference for?  Fallout is one of Bethesda’s biggest brands and to not have a new game come out would be criminal.  If they announced Fallout with some gameplay footage, with more footage of Doom, and maybe even Dishonored 2, you’d have to pretty far to find someone who disagreed that this would be the Press Conference of the Year.

Regardless of what Bethesda brings to this year’s E3, it’s sure to be a huge deal and we can’t wait to see all they have to offer gamers.  What to you think/hope to see revealed this June?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

-The Cinelinx Team

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