PlayStation Plus Discounts for August 2014


The Prophet is back in Crysis 3 to take down the evil organization C.E.L.L.  In the multiplayer hunter mode you can team up with a friend to take down a group of C.E.L.L. operatives.

cinelinx crysis3 banner

Immerse yourself in Proteus the dream-like game where the soundtrack follows the mode of your surroundings.

cinelinx proteus banner



From the makers of Triple Town comes Road Not Taken.  In this game a rogue wonders through an enchanted forest in search of lost children while solving puzzles.  Each level is randomly generated so you have endless possibilities to explore and challenges.

cinelinx road not taken banner

This 2D/3D exploration game is a race against time as your world is collapsing in on itself.  Don’t forget to change your perspective to find hidden paths in the game Fez.

cinelinx fez banner


PS Vita

Test your skills in a world that reacts to every move you make in Metrico.

cinelinx metrico banner

Play Dragon’s Crown with your Vita buddies and troll the dungeons in this multiplayer co-op game.  That’s right, I said TROLL!  Whatcha gonna do about it!

cinelinx dargons crown banner