Powerful Streaming Software, Gameshow 3, is Now Only $29

Sometimes, one of the hardest parts about video game streaming, is finding the best method to do so.  Today brings a pretty awesome option, with a wide toolset to make youre streams look professional and still have your own style, for a low price.  


Telestream®, a leading provider of live streaming applications and video tools, today announced that its powerful gamecasting software Gameshow is now available for just $29.00. Gameshow helps gamecasters create professional quality streams with beautiful graphic templates, dynamic editing, live switching, green screen technology, and built-in interactive widgets.

Version 3.0 of Gameshow features powerful production and editing tools designed to give game broadcasters unlimited creativity for producing consistent, branded game streams that bring followers back. Gameshow’s unmatched production controls allow gamecasters to focus on gaming rather than worry about the logistics of broadcasting and production. Gameshow v.3.0 is available immediately from www.gameshow.net where users can also download a free fully featured version, with the only limitation being a visual watermark displayed beyond a certain resolution and bitrate.

With a few clicks, users can pick and customize game templates, insert graphics, add widgets and even put themselves “inside the game” using the green screen function before streaming to Twitch.tv, YouTube Gaming and Hitbox.tv.

“Gameshow is the real deal, pro game streaming software. It truly outperforms the competition in resource usage, ease of use, and quality of its revolutionary features. Add to that a new, fully featured free version, and a new perpetual licensing system where you own the software forever, and Gameshow is poised to be the new king of game streaming,” Bryce Stejskal, Gameshow Product Manager

Other features in version 3.0 include:

Best CPU usage of any gamecasting software on the market: enables more of the computer’s resources to be used for gaming rather than streaming

Revolutionary scene building: more layers allow for more customizable scene building

Instant replay to allow viewers to relive the most epic gameplay moments

Built in audio mixer with VST based audio plugins such as noise cancellation and customizable EQ settings

If you’re in need of some streaming software, be sure to head over to their website to purchase Gameshow v.3 now