PS2 Turns 15: A Look Back At The Best Memories


The Awesome Yet Awkward Metal Gear Solid  (Games and more games!)

The PS2 didn’t have the strongest launch lineup, but over the years the PS2 had the strongest lineup of games ever! I remember walking down the aisle and there was seriously something for every person. Hundreds and hundreds of games, probably thousands, and the boom was real. The console was fairly easy to develop for and the hardware was fun.

One series that sticks out? Metal Gear.

Yes, the world is going nuts over the latest Metal Gear news, but they are going nuts because the old games were awesome! Metal Gear Solid goes hand-in-hand with PlayStation, and was one of the reasons PS2 was so aweseome. We got two releases, MGS2 and MGS3 and both have some pretty interesting memories.

Starting with MGS2, who remembers how that story played out? The all mighty Snake…dies! Not at the end of the game, but right away at the start. Instead we get pretty boy Raiden which wasn’t nearly as cool until Metal Gear Rising made him a badass a generation later! Yet who is this interesting fellow saving our tails everywhere? Some creep? Or is it….Snake?! The story was an interesting change for the series, and the game itself was even confused on what the hell was going on, but it all ended up playing out nicely. Then of course we had the nagging wife…. And who could forget staring at Raiden’s ass for an entire level?

I mean honestly, I’m a person that stays inside to play games and not go out and can you imagine people walking in to me sneaking around a facility with some naked guy grabbing his crotch?! It was just pure fun!

Then we had the awesome MGS3 which brought a whole new dynamic to everything Metal Gear. We had camo that we constantly had to change, even if you moved a few feet. A boss that was somehow owning you while sitting down (unless of course you snipe the dude early!) And of course the beautiful Eva, unless you played MGS4 on PS3 and your realize she is an old lady with wrinkles!

MGS never fails to disappoint!

 hard drive

It Tried To Do Everything… Ask Grand Theft Auto!

One of the oddest things about the PS2 was that the more you used it, the more you learned about it. The internet wasn’t as massive as it is today (I mean lots of people were still on dial up… yuck!) so a lot of people found things out by word of mouth or by store clerks wanting to sell something.

I still remember the day I learned what the hell the giant gap in the back of my console was for. I walked into Gamers (yes, that was an awesome store!) around 2004 and the clerk showed me a hard drive for the PS2. I asked, “what? A memory card?” and he goes no, a hard drive just like a PC. The PS2 supposedly utilized it to install data to make games run smoother (and later people found a way to install full games to it.) The clerk showed me GTA running on the screen and said “see, it doesn’t load between areas.”

It was cool and all, but only 25 total North America games supported it. So unless you were using third party software to install full games, the dinky 40GB hard drive was pretty useless. So few people utilized them that later console models stopped supporting it.

This wasn’t the only feature the PS2 had. In fact we talk about another next, and who could forget it also doubled as a DVD player?! Plus it also had a Linux kit to do some more cool things.


Socom Online!

Back during the PS2 era, Sony was a bit behind in the whole online network thing. Okay truth is they basically didn’t have one. Instead, much like the hard drive, we had to buy an attachment called a Network Adapter which had an Ethernet port and a dial-up port. (Again, yuck!) As you can imagine cheap bastards, or kids running off allowance would often utilize that dial-up port quiet often! Super high speed NetZero! Nothing?

That of course leads into people with rather good connections meeting up with people that can barely load webpages and a not so fun environment. Nothing was really centralized either, unlike the rival Xbox, so Sony was basically leaving it up to developers to control.

One game that controlled it well was Socom. This game spread like wild fire thanks to it’s awesome gameplay, and of course the awesome online it had. We even got special headsets in the box to give out commands! Again I found myself at Gamers trying to get the game…. But it was sold out! What? Yes I actually had to wait about a week because so many people were buying Socom before I could actually play it!

Overall these are just some random memories I had from the PS2 days. I still have my original fat PS2, and even a slim one somewhere! (Probably wherever my PS1 is) Personally I think the PS2 created some of the best memories for me simply because of the time it released. Internet was expanding, games were getting better, and I was growing up. We want to know, do you have any PS2 memories to share?!