PS4 Updates We Would Like Sony To Look At


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Accidentally Turning The PS4 On

A big difference that is so subtle you might not even realize it between the Xbox One and PS4 is a simple controller mechanic. Both controllers are capable of turning on their respective consoles via a press of the icon button in the middle. Yet a slight variation between the two is the amount of time spent pressing the button.

On the PS4 a quick tap will turn the PS4 on. On the Xbox One you actually have to hold it down for a second. I don’t know about other people, but my controllers are often laying around after a gaming session which means they accidentally get pushed all the time. My PS4 controllers have become an annoyance in this regard since I will be watching TV and somehow, someway, my PS4 controller will fall or get tapped and turn on my PS4. For somewhat convenience I have my set up allow the PS4 to control pretty much everything so when it turns on my TV auto tunes to the right mode, my stereo sets itself up, etc… So now due to an accidental press I need to turn everything back off, and facing facts I’m lazy. I rarely ever have this issue with my Xbox One considering I can quickly grab it if it falls, or the button isn’t necessarily held pinned down. With PS4 all it takes is a quick tap and suddenly you hate your PS4 for 10 minutes.



Game Installs Are Massive

One thing when discussing fixes for PS4 that came up with the crew at Cinelinx is the massive game installs. Unlike the controller issue, this isn’t something that is exclusive to PS4. The Xbox One has just as much (if not worse) of a problem when it comes to game installs. Rather it be “day 1 updates” or simply massive installs from the disc, these games are taking up massive amounts of room.

Sony and Microsoft need to partner up with game developers and find a way to tone down these installs somehow. Make the PS4/Xbox One read more from discs could be a fix, but then you have games like Tony Hawk where the patches are bigger than the game itself. There has to be some way for them to update software to more efficiently run games with less space taken up on the hard drive. I mean we are talking 30+ GB of data for a game that has plenty of space on a Blu-ray disc already.



Classics Should Be Emulation

One thing that bugs me about the leaked survey is that it asks at multiple points about “Classics” which are basically old games simply sold to you again. Yet remember one thing that helped Microsoft “win E3”? They announce backwards compatibility, and much like Sony they said such a thing “could never be done” for whatever reason. For Sony their excuse is that the PS3 and other system run so much different than the PS4 architecture allows.

Yet in my mind it has nothing to do with that. In my mind it has to do with the amount of money they hope to make from PS Now, the amount of money publishers (not just Sony and Microsoft) make from “remasters,” and the simple fact Sony would love to sell you a “classic” instead of allowing you to ditch your PS3 and simply use the PS4. Sorry, but I still have my PS3 so no need for “classics” here. Would I love to drop my PS3 from my TV and conveniently use my PS4 instead? Sure, but it’s not deal breaker that it doesn’t, and I’m not paying extra to do so. Instead of “classics” I’d love to see simple emulation similar to what Microsoft is doing to get their backwards compatibility rolling.

Unless “classics” include slight modifications and added trophy support, I have no interest.


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Two Items in The Survey We Fully Support

Not everything in the survey was bad, and you could say all the things would improve the PS4 in some way for whatever crowd. We are not saying we don’t want any of that to happen, because we do, we just wish Sony would also focus on some other things as well. Yet two things on the list really stuck out to the crew at Cinelinx.

Name changes and library editing.

Would changing your backgrounds be cool? Yep. Would classics be okay? Sure. Yet changing our names online, a very simple yet huge obstacle Sony has yet to offer the NA crowd (since you can in fact do it in Japan) has yet to make its way to PSN. (SEN?) When this suggestion came up a few people actually got really excited for it, and while playing Xbox I notice it is actually something rather popular. The funny thing is Microsoft is easily making bank off of something so stupid since they charge you to change your name, but for whatever reason Sony has yet to cash in on the gold. Why? We don’t know.

Next is something I personally got excited for and it was the ability to edit your library on the PS4. It was mentioned in multiple ways including removing them from the recent list, editing them to not show up, or simply deleting items from the library all together. For the love of God Sony…. PLEASE do this! I hate that all my Beta’s, Alpha’s, demo’s, and games I played for maybe 10 minutes clutter up the few games I do actually play. It’d be nice to have a system similar to the Xbox One UI where I can simply customize and pin things the way I want it.

Now overall this is simply suggestions, so don’t go all crazy because I compared to rival consoles for some things. We are not saying one is better than the other, and we are not saying the PS4 is a disgrace. It’s simply suggestions to improve the UI of PS4, which is technically what Sony was asking for with the survey anyways. So don’t got all fanboy rage on me, and instead give us some ideas on what you think the PS4 could improve upon? (Again, not that it isn’t already pretty awesome!)