Road to E3 2016 – The Games We Hope to See

Last week, we kicked off our Road to E3 journey with a video breaking down the top five games we expect to make an appearance at the show this year.  This week, we’re tackling the games we HOPE to see.  Although the chances of seeing some of these games might be slim, we’re crossing our fingers.  Let’s get to it: 



Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster 

To be entirely honest, I was willing to bet good money last year’s E3 would have given us a Mass Effect trilogy remaster announcement.  With Mass Effect: Andromeda set to release early next year (though it was originally slated for THIS year), it seems like the perfect way to let gamers re-live the magic of the first few games on the latest consoles.  Sure, the Xbox One backwards compatibility allows you to play through them again, an official upgrade would be nice as well.  

inFAMOUS Sequel

inFAMOUS Second Son was a launch title for the PlayStation 4, and it was pretty damn amazing.  Despite skipping ahead and leaving behind the franchise’s more recognizable protagonist, the game managed to hold its own.  On top of providing a fun experience, it does a great job (still) of showing off what the system can do.  Since then, things have been oddly quiet on the inFAMOUS front and it feels like another sequel announcement could be on the horizon. 

Of course, this is dependent on whether or not Sucker Punck is actually working on the rumored Spider-Man game from Sony we’ve been hearing about.  If that’s the case (which I wouldn’t complain about either), it might be a while yet before we get a follow-up to inFAMOUS.  Time will tell, but I’d be through the roof with a new game announcement!

New Superhero Game From Rocksteady

Batman: Arkham Knight launched last year after a prolonged development time, and since then Rocksteady has released some little DLC bits here and there.  E3 would be an awesome time to reveal what their next project is.  Over the last several years, we’ve heard rumors the devs have been working on other superhero titles at the same time, including a Superman specific game, or even an entire Justice League title.  It’d be nice to set aside some of those rumors with a look at what’s ahead, even if it’s just a title reveal.

kojima productions ludens.0.0 


Spider-Man By SuckerPunch

Sony is the worst when it comes to hiding secrets, no data breach pun intended. They truly do suck at hiding big E3 reveals and one of their latest ones is probably a Spider-Man game from one of their first party studios. So my assumption is SuckerPunch is the perfect studio to accomplish this. For one, when the latest InFamous released on PS4 every review I read noted it was one of the best superhero games they played.

Secondly, Activision has lost rights to all their Marvel characters, and possibly even Spider-Man at this point. Plus Activision has no upcoming releases scheduled or planned regarding their Marvel properties, yet Sony Pictures has a new movie coming out next year. I think the deal Sony made with Marvel to bring Spider-Man into the Avengers included something more, and a video game license could be it. There is also the fact SuckerPunch has clearly been working on something since Infamous released, yet nothing regarding InFamous has been hinted or leaked. That studio is awfully quiet for working on a known title.

Destiny 2

I think a big “surprise” at Sony’s showcase will be Destiny 2. I think it will be at Sony’s conference because Activision doesn’t have their own show floor space, so it needs to be somewhere. The deal they had with Sony will most likely continue into Destiny 2 with early timed exclusive expansions. Plus I think this is why EA has cozied up with Microsoft, since Sony jumped into Activision’s arms.

Kojima’s Latest Game

I’m clearly a Hideo Kojima fan, he inspired me in so many ways, and I can’t wait to see where he goes now that he is not tied down to Metal Gear. He can literally go anywhere and he has been exploring so many studios to allow his imagination to go wild. He’s already noted his latest game is relatable to Uncharted, yet action oriented like The Division. If you ask me there is a lot of good things to take from all these games he lists, and if he compiles them all into a single game we could be looking at a once in a generation title. I look forward to him shocking the audience during Sony’s conference.

An Assortment From Microsoft

It’s really nice to see Microsoft pushing exclusive titles and not a whole bunch of timed third party content. Last year they brought some games that looked amazing like ReCore (which we could see again), but I want to see the trend continue. I want Microsoft studios to keep battling Sony’s exclusives because both sides are providing some really thrilling exclusives. It’s great owning both consoles! We could see some more Halo, but I want more original content too. Surprise me with ReCore again! (And please, no Forza.)

A Wish List For Ubisoft

Ubisoft is generally not that exciting for me, but lately they have been doing great. I would love to see Splinter Cell come back to form. A totally sneaky approach, and none of this action wannabe stuff the previous games threw at us. I think the team at Ubisoft know how to approach Tom Clancy titles again so it’d be interesting. Rainbow Six was easily one of the best games of last year, and the upcoming Ghost Recon looks fantastic.

Last But Not Least, EA Shows Off Star Wars And Titanfall

I hope we get a big reveal about Titanfall 2 and it isn’t brushed over by EA. They have a huge event of their own being hosted and I want Titanfall 2 to be one of the center pieces. I know they have Battlefield 1 and Mass Effect to talk about, but I think there is a reason why both of those games are getting early details shown off. This leaves room for EA to spend more time on Titanfall during E3 when all eyes are on them.

That’s not all I want from EA, after a presentation of Titanfall I want a grand finale of Star Wars. I really hope EA took notice of all the love Star Wars The Knights Of The Old Republic got and will blow our minds with a similar style game. At worst we get some pod racing game, at best we get KOTOR!




The Hideki Kamiya (Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta) directed game has been delayed until 2017 amid rumors of possible “discontent” while working with Microsoft.

Scalebound was officially announced at Microsoft’s press conference in 2014 with a cinematic trailer. Then the game went dark for E3 2015, only to reemerge with gameplay at Gamescom 2015.  I really loved what was shown at Gamescom. I mean, who doesn’t love a game with dragons, humor and Kamiya’s crazy gameplay? I hope we see a demo on the show floor and learn more about the world of Scalebound.

Sunset Overdrive 2

This is one of the few Xbox exclusives that drove me to finally get an Xbox One. Insomniac Games took me on a trip to the “awesomepocalypse”, and I’m ready to go back for second helping of Overcharge.  I had so much fun ziplining around Sunset City. I really hope we see something at this year’s E3.

Shenmue HD

Right now it doesn’t seem to be as much of a long shot now that Shenmue 3 is in development. Please, just release it already Sega! 

Last of Us  


Much like everyone else in this world, I am fascinated by Top 5 lists.  It could be Top 5 Dog Breeds or Top 5 Colors of Broccoli and I’d probably read it.  That being said, here are my Top 5 Titles I Hope to See at E3 2016!.

5.The Return of NCAA Football

In the words of Gavin Belson of Hooli, “Magellan circumnavigating the globe was a moonshot. Alan Turing breaking the Enigma cipher was a moonshot…” Us playing a new NCAA Football, in the near future, is also a moonshot.  It’s one that many in the sports gaming world having been clamoring for since EA Sports had to stop making them due to a likeness compensation lawsuit.  

The one difference, this year, is that the lawsuit has been settled and a new plan has been made for paying college players.  That would mean the doors are wide open for a new NCAA Football game right?  Right?  Please?  The NCAA is very fickle about paying college players, but they have started coming around in recent years.  Hopefully, this is the year?  Like I said, a moonshot.

4.Red Dead Redemption 2

Can you believe it’s only been 6 years since Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption? It feels like it’s been a lot longer.  It’s high time we went back to the old west!  The good news is, we know that Rockstar is making a new Red Dead game and they plan on announcing it soon.  Could it be at E3???  The bad news is, that’s about all we know.  The ugly news is, it’s currently named Red Dead Redemption 2.

This is the same studio that made Red Dead Revolver and then Redemption. Now they add a 2?  I really HOPE that it’s just a codename and make it another R word like Revolution or Requiem or Reloaded.  See, Rockstar?  So many R words to choose from!

3.Incredible Original Titles

You’re probably thinking, “This is such a cop-out section!”, “That’s not a game!”, etc.  Bear with me, though.  While yes I realize this is a very general hope, it is a practical one.  Remember back at E3 2014, when Sony revealed a title so ground-breaking it caused gamers to go into a frenzy over the idea of exploring a massive, never-ending universe?  That game was No Man’s Sky.  An original title that no one had heard of and blew everyone’s minds.

Let me be frank, I’m not talking about original games about traversing dreams to discover the real reason behind Mozart’s music or characters we’ll just forget about later.  I’m talking game-changing titles that will blow ours and everyone else’s minds.  We need titles like this to keep gaming fresh.  We get so used to the same characters and the same brands.  I’m guilty of it.  I will buy every Uncharted, Halo, Gears of War, Sports title out there.  However, gamers need to be intrigued to try new original titles, as well.  New ideas spread new innovations, which spread to incredible new experiences.

2.New Elder Scrolls

Last year, two days before E3 2015, Bethesda held their first-ever E3 Press Conference.  During which, they shocked the world with news of Fallout 4 and it’s November release.  This year, they’re back again.  Once again, they’ve shrouded the event in mystery.

We can figure that they’ll show some DLC for Fallout 4 and Doom.  Then come out with an update on Dishonored 2, probably a release date.  However, they need a main event.  The only series they have left to announce would be a new Elder Scrolls.  I’m not even hoping for a 2016 release date.  Heck, Holiday 2017 would be fine with me.  I would just love to see where they plan to take the series after, the incredibly well-done and award winning, Skyrim.

1.The Last of Us 2

Anyone who knows me understands that I’m probably the biggest Naughty Dog fan, at least at Cinelinx.  I’ve played everything from Crash Bandicoot to Jak and Daxter to Uncharted to arguably the best game of them all, The Last of Us.  

Over the recent years, Naughty Dog has found a way to create rich storylines for their games.  Stories that provoke emotion and captivating experiences.  That’s what made The Last of Us so incredible.  Within the first 10 minutes, not only was I hooked but I felt a pit in my stomach.  I felt what Joel was feeling when he held his girl in his arms.  Then, you have Ellie’s story and you experience everything Joel does to keep her safe.

Just thinking about it gives me that rush of emotion again.  I really want to feel that again with The Last of Us 2.  We’ve heard they’re working on it.  With the Uncharted series possibly done, it makes all the sense in the world that they’d focus more on The Last of Us sequel.  Sony needs a big pop at their press conference too.  A showing of The Last of Us 2 would do the trick.