Road to E3 2019: What We Hope to See

Our Road to E3 discussion sees our team gather to break down our individual hopes for the show this year. From game reveals to overall presence, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Last week the gaming staff here on the site came together to talk about our individual expectations for E3 2019. Those were tempered by experience and the likelihood of what we’d see…But today, we’re casting our gaze to the stars and discussing our wildest hopes and dreams for the big show:


Every E3 brings its own surprises that leave us wanting more and I sincerely hope this year is no different. Let’s just cross our fingers for these…

More Star Wars Goodness – EA has already confirmed the first gameplay reveal for Jedi: Fallen Order will be at the event but I’m hoping we’ll hear about OTHER Star Wars games. We know they have other stuff in the works, so it’d be nice to get some info on that, but I’d also love to hear about some remastered releases of the classic titles…A boy can dream.

Release Dates – Every year we see amazing games but sadly, release dates are in short supply. Most of the release dates we get are for games we already saw at the PREVIOUS E3. My biggest hope is that we get more release dates for games this year than not (e.g. Skull & Bones, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Pokémon Sword and Shield)

N64/GameCube Games on Switch – About the only thing I’ve not been happy with on the Nintendo Switch is the lack of a Virtual Console. Their half-solution with the NES games attached to their online program is nice, but lacking many of the titles I loved from the previous VC outings. I’m hoping Nintendo reveals new plans for classic titles on the Switch including N64 and GameCube games, which have been sorely overlooked.

Dragon Age 4 – Despite being announced already, I’m putting this on the hopes list because it still seems like it’s too early for Bioware/EA to show anything from it (especially with Anthem damage control in mind). That said, I’m still hopeful for a quick trailer or something to drool over.

Rocksteady’s Next GameMan…It feels like I’ve been listing this for the last several E3 events. It’s been four years since Arkham Knight hit consoles, and it’s time to see what they’ve been working on. Whether it’s a Superman game, Justice League game, or even another Batman game (as all have been rumored), PLEASE let this be the year we find out.


AAA Exclusives for XBOX – For the last few years, I’ve been banging on the table for more Xbox exclusives.  When the XBOX ONE X was revealed, I asked for Microsoft to give me a reason to want to buy their console. Alas, they just couldn’t do it. I hope they blow us out of the water and give us something to really latch onto for both their current systems and the ones to come.

Nintendo Surprises With 2 Open-World Games – Ok, so this is way out of left field, but I REALLY hope Nintendo blows the roof off of the LACC by revealing new open-world games for  Fire Emblem and Castlevania. Given the popularity of both IPs and their involvement in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, both would be a monumental boost for Nintendo and the fans would eat them up.

Elder Scrolls VI – I talked about how I expected Bethesda to show more of Starfield than Elder Scrolls VI, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hope we see it. We don’t necessarily need a release date, but I hope we get a name for Elder Scrolls VI and learn more about this new region. Any gameplay would be an exceptional bonus, but I’m trying to not be too greedy here. Maybe bring on Skyrim Grandma to hang out with Todd and Pete, that would be nice.

Sony Invades With an Impromptu State of PlaySony has already announced that they aren’t going to attend E3 2019. That doesn’t mean they won’t host a State of Play.  How amazing would it be if Sony shocked everyone on Saturday or during the hours between conferences and just showed off Ghosts of Tsushima, The Last of Us II, or Horizon: Zero Dawn 2? The answer is, it would be an absolutely BALLER move, if they pulled that off.


My hopes are minimal at best, but I do have a few dreams that I can only hope we will see. First I want to see a new FABLE. It has been far too long since a Fable title have had a huge push from Microsoft. Now that they own the iP, I believe this year would be the perfect time to show off the game (that I hope their working on).

Second, I hope to see a full gameplay demo of Cyberpunk 2077 and Elder Scrolls 6 these games are on my top list if game I need to play now. With Cyberpunk 2077, I was already excited for the game…but then it was announced that the game is completely different then what was shown at E3 2018. I can only wonder what the team has done to the game to make it even better! Of course, like everyone else, I want to hear something about Elder Scrolls 6. I know that Bethesda has stated they don’t plan on showing the game, but I don’t know what else they are planning on showcasing. This is a game that we all have wanted for some time and I think it would be a huge surprise for fans this year.

Third, I can only hope that gamers keep calm. This year will be very different for the ESA and E3 as a whole. Sometimes fans react with their emotions and I know this year we will see these reactions on social media. I can only hope that fans, no matter what the situation, game, or showcase might be, can keep their composure and really try to give the show a chance to change and grow before they through it to the wolves.


FRESH MEAT PLEASE: Fingers are crossed for a fresh slate of newly announced titles across the board. I feel like 2018 and 2019 were huge for big titles like Kingdom Hearts III and we’ve been hearing about some titles, sequels and remakes since last E3 or earlier.

Although I’m stoked about the expected Animal Crossing title for the Switch, I would love to see a new entry into the Rune Factory series, a port of the Fantasy Life series/new entry, and some more fresh releases for the console. I’ve been very pleased with the library on the system thus far, but I would love to see a robust lineup for holiday releases for this year and beyond into 2020.

With the void left by Sony and the pressure of Kingdom Hearts III lifted, I’m hoping that Square Enix will bring more to the show than expected Final Fantasy VII remake news. Along a similar vein, I hope to see something fresh from Bethesda with the confirmation of Elder Scrolls 6 last year and the underwhelming launch of Fallout 76.


Cyberpunk and Death Stranding: Honestly these two games have me more excited than anything and I hope we finally get a release date for them. Cyberpunk looks absolutely amazing, we just need to know when we can buy it. Death Stranding honestly needs a gameplay trailer that finally shows what we do, and ending that trailer with a release date will make me go berserk.

A Reason To Keep My Switch: Honestly I don’t know if I’ll keep it just to play Pokémon, but I haven’t played much else besides Splatoon since beating Zelda. The party games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart are fun time to time, but I want something more than ports and Mario. Zelda showed that Nintendo can make some really great experiences, but what happened since? I hope they show more of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and have found a way to create more experiences beyond party titles.

Splinter Cell : There is a time frame from mid May to E3 where studios kind of start randomly announcing things, and it’s because they don’t have room at E3 to do it. Since Ubisoft already showed off some new Ghost Recon, that must mean they have something else to show. Obviously Assassin’s Creed takes some of the room, but they usually have several other games too. (casual dance games don’t count) Last year I was running with the fact they were set to show off Splinter Cell, it never happened. Yet they brought back the main actor, have a studio working on something, and haven’t said anything. It has to be there!

Lastly, Some Star Wars: I mean my goodness! Disney buys Star Wars then makes the mistake of selling game rights to EA where we haven’t seen a damn thing…. Finally Respawn stands up and fights EA to actually make a good one, and I can’t wait to play it, but we need more. Disney booted up Lucas again and perhaps in some wild dream of mine we will get even more Star Wars. Or maybe this will kick start EA into showing off more than one Star Wars game? Hell if KOTOR simply got an HD remaster I would go absolutely insane. EA needs to step away and just let these studios finish a Star Wars game, I don’t know what the problem is.


Bethesda Fallout Acknowledgement – I hope that Todd Howard comes onto the stage and apologizes for everything surrounding their recent releases. I want them to realize that the bags should have been shipped as advertised and apologize for doxing their fans. I want him to admit that Fallout 76 should have never been shipped in the state that it was; extremely buggy and broken even for a Bethesda game.

I want him to also admit that TES Blades is less imaginative than advertised, its gameplay as creatively deep as a teaspoon. And then, swiftly after, I want them to present me with something that will make me forgive and forget these dark times for Bethesda. I want to see a proper trailer for the next Elder Scrolls and more about Starfield, both of which I’m incredibly hyped about but also worried about in light of recent Bethesda behavior.

Something Star Wars that isn’t from EA – Right now (to my great surprise) Disney seems happy to have EA as the only group handling Star Wars games. I have the feeling that other studios could treat the Star Wars IP with much more respect than EA has. I would like to see something really new from somebody who won’t use Star Wars as little more than a method for selling loot boxes and micro transactions.

Some amazing indie games! – Indie games have been coming to E3 more and more, and I remember being blown away by Cuphead‘s presentation before its release. I’m a big fan of indie games, since most of the time they aren’t sacrificing artistic vision for monetary gain, unlike their AAA counterparts. I want something to grab me like Cuphead. Something new and unique, or maybe even a return to something old being remade or remastered by industry veterans working from a smaller studio.

Pikmin 4 officially announced. Please!

Now that you’ve seen our team’s hopes for E3 2019, we want to hear yours. What games/reveals are you wishing upon a star for this year?