Road To E3: Horizon: Zero Dawn

What We know

Sony utilized their press conference last E3 to showcase the new title, with some small gameplay events since then. However there hasn’t been any major announcements or new reveals about the game since E3. There hasn’t been any updates out of the studio and no leaks to hint towards anything.

What We Expect To See

Odds are this game will be in the Sony showcase again and probably have a little more emphasis on new details and more gameplay. This is quickly becoming a major release for Sony and it would be crazy if this game doesn’t appear at all.

That being said we expect rumors to be confirmed and the game will see a delay of some type. It is safe to say that unless a huge marketing push happens starting at E3, complete with potentially a beta, then this game will not be releasing this Fall. I expect to hear an “early 2017” release window, and the game hitting shelves around March.

Sony may also potentially utilize this title to showcase the PS4 4K. If you read here often you know I’m not a fan of the PS4.5 idea, but it’s all but confirmed that we will see something of that nature at E3. I bet Horizon is possibly being delayed due to the release of the PS4k. Gran Turismo seems to be the game taking its slot instead considering that will sell well regardless, while Horizon is a new IP and needs all the help it can get.

Concerns For PS4

If Horizon sees a delay, Sony needs to step up in their show with a few surprises set for this year. Without Horizon on the schedule their Fall lineup once again becomes lackluster with AAA exclusives, and instead depends upon indie style releases. A majority of their releases seem to be hitting early in the year, and not late in the year. This opens up a huge void for Microsoft to fill with their own exclusives.

Looking at a schedule that Sony released, the only other AAA exclusives for them set for this Fall are Gran Turismo Sport and Dreams(Potentially beta only). The other titles are remasters, smaller releases, or timed third party content.

Overall Horizon Zero Dawn has me super excited for E3 because I can’t wait to see more details about the game. I want to know more features, maybe a new environment, and potentially even beta details. Horizon was one of the few games during the Sony conference last year that I got super excited for. A delay would totally suck, but a confirmed date would be nice. The only other game that has me just as excited is ReCore. A rumored delay to the game will be a total blow to Sony’s Fall line up.