Sony’s Paris Games Week Conference Didn’t Disappoint

Personally I wasn’t too excited for the event for two reasons. One the event isn’t as large as some others surrounding it. I’m not saying the event is small by any means, but there is a reason why casual fans know what E3 is or GamesCom, but you say Paris Games Week and less people know what you are talking about. My second issue was that Sony didn’t really give a lot of hype into stuff they had to show off. The rumors leading into the show were nothing too spectacular. Street Fighter of course got leaked early like usual, DriveClub was getting some new bike mode, and then we had indie titles. It felt like Sony’s flame was wavering until next year’s E3.

Perhaps that’s why I was so impressed with the show! Sony came out swinging almost right away and never let it slow down. They started a tad bit slow by touting some third party timed exclusive content for Call of Duty and Star Wars: Battlefront, but things picked up right after. It seemed like every other game was an exclusive and their line-up covered all spectrums of entertainment.


You had games that were great for puzzles, games that allow you to create worlds, games that let you ride friggin bears, and of course No Mans Sky to really amp you up. Yet the fun didn’t stop there, instead the show kept building to a point of true AAA releases also getting shown off. We got to see Horizon: Zero Dawn, my most anticipated game of 2016, in all its glory. We finally understand what Dreams is about, and of course Gran Turismo is finally hitting PS4!

The conference felt like game after game after game, with a very slight hiccup during the Gran Turismo reveal. But then again at least Sony didn’t drop a car from the ceiling and invite a race car driver to talk about how authentic it is….

This was all grand, but it was really hard to take in all this new information and really know why we were getting excited. A lot of these games such as Matterfall and Boundless look interesting, but we learned very little about them. Perhaps we will learn more over the course of the event, but this is all about the conference. Matterfall in my opinion was perhaps the coolest looking game Sony showed off and I can’t wait to learn more about it! Meanwhile Boundless has to be the most confusing title revealed, is it Minecraft on roids? I don’t really know, but it sounds fun.

Robinson The Journey Key Art.0.0

It was slight issues like this that somewhat annoyed me with the conference. Street Fighter seems to always take up a bunch of time wherever it goes, and we learned almost nothing from it. Yet games like Ratchet and Clank got a quick reveal with no further details. Where are all our actual release dates? Where do these games fall in line? We didn’t learn anything beyond the fact that all these games are hitting sometime in 2016. Perhaps spend less time on games like Gran Turismo and Street Fighter that don’t really need to be explained too much, and focus more on detailing the new creative adventures we saw.

Sony simply showed us that while their Fall lineup is rather lackluster, they have a lot of games coming in 2016. Not only are there a lot of games, but it is in true PlayStation fashion by being all over the place. There wasn’t just shooters revealed, or just platformers, but all kinds of new ideas to try out and explore. It was great that we didn’t have to sit through a half hour of top down indie titles, and instead we got to see smaller studios making truly creative things. It’s just a matter of when we actually get to see half of this stuff.

Yet the conference lacked any major jaw dropping event. Sure Quantic Dream’s new game is awesome for fans of playable movies like me, but it isn’t some massive blockbuster like God of War. There were really no major PlayStation franchises there at all besides Ratchet and Clank (which got brushed over), the expected Gran Turismo, and Uncharted. This is fine, it’s not E3 and it’s Sony’s first go at a new show so it’s no big deal, but for the future it’d be nice if there was some jaw dropping reveal. Instead what we got is a great deal of time spent on third party exclusive content, something I’m not a fan of no matter who does it, and some new stuff. Yet there was nothing to truly go crazy over just yet. 

sony vr

Speaking of reveals, PlayStation VR didn’t really get anything new either. Crytek’s game looks absolutely amazing, but it hardly showed much and we didn’t really go beyond that. I would have loved it if Crytek got the same amount of time as Media Molecule to talk about their game as it’s the first title to make me want VR. We also didn’t get new details or an actual release date for PlayStation VR, something I expected since it’s scheduled for “early 2016.” Heck they didn’t even suggest a price range or try to push the product that hard.

Overall I feel as though the conference did the job for the most part. They showed a bunch of new products just long enough to get you interested and make you go find out more about them. It is a conference after all so not every game is going to get a full 10-15 minutes to demonstrate itself, which is fine. I just wish some of the games got more than a quick mention, such as Ratchet and Clank, and more details such as release dates for pretty much everything. I was also shocked that PlayStation VR played such a small part of the presentation, and PlayStation itself wasn’t really expanded on. (There was no mention of the new PS Plus League) I couldn’t help but notice that Vita was not mentioned at all in any way, which is the complete opposite from their Tokyo Game Show as well. Overall though they jam packed the presentation with video games so I can’t really complain! Almost every single title looks like it is worth checking out.