Star Wars Games Deserving of Console Remaster Love

More classic Star Wars games are getting the remaster treatment, but there’s a few that definitely need some love on modern consoles.

With the surprise announcement that Jedi Knight: Outcast and Academy are getting remastered for the Switch and PS4, I’ve been thinking about some of the other Star Wars games I’d absolutely love to be able to play again on my console of choice (probably Switch). Bounty Hunter, Jedi: Starfighter, Super Star Wars, and Racer’s Revenge are already remastered for PS4, so there’s no reason to stop giving us these classics.

I’m going to keep this article limited to consoles, so even if a title has seen some form of remaster on PCs (or are just playable thanks to STEAM), I may still list them here for the sake of the console convenience factor. Same goes for backwards compatible games on the Xbox One. Not that it’s not an amazing function to be able to play certain titles again, but I’m talking an actual “remaster” with enhancements, and/or extra content.

The Force Unleashed 1 & 2

Considering The Force Unleashed games are only a generation removed, it’s kind of surprising that these haven’t been given some sort of “Definitive Edition” update for modern platforms. Personally speaking, I enjoyed the first game (though wasn’t as enamored with it as some seemed to be) and wish the second game had been better.

Still, they’re solid action games with cool powers that are fun to use and some stellar set pieces. All around, they seem like an excellent fit for remasters, bringing in all the DLC, and giving fans the chance to experience these games once more, or even for the first time.

Republic Commando

It still blows my mind that Republic Commando hasn’t seen any sort of revived attention over the years. While the first person shooter mechanics are fairly straightforward, the tactical elements (controlling your squad) and story elevate it a great deal. While it served as a lead-in to Revenge of the Sith, it still managed to tell it’s own engaging story with characters you couldn’t help but fall in love with.

While plans for a sequel were once in place, nothing ever came from it and all we have is the original. As such, it seems like an excellent time to give it a remaster for fans to enjoy. After all some fans never had the chance to experience the terror of infiltrating a derelict spaceship….

The Rogue Squadron Trilogy

The general lack of starfighter/dogfighting games in the new era of Star Wars is a constant frustration for me. While the Battlefront titles have offered a game mode that helps scratch that itch, it’s not the same. If we can’t get new ones (perhaps focusing on Poe Dameron’s Black Squadron) why not give us a remaster of the classic Rogue Squadron games?

Where the first one is playable on PCs still, the GameCube exclusive sequels, Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike, are stuck in that generation. This is a shame considering how impressive the gameplay is for these titles (excepting Rebel Strike‘s awkward on-foot missions).

More than just the fun gameplay factor, they also brought original stories to the Star Wars universe, offering a deeper experience with some of the iconic fighters we glimpse only briefly in the films. A remastered trilogy of them all bundled together would be more than worth the price.

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

Built on the same engine as Age of Empires, Galactic Battlegrounds brought the goods when it comes to Star Wars in the real-time strategy genre. It brought together all the elements that make the genre what it is, while expertly utilizing the characters, battlegrounds, units, and settings from the Star Wars franchise. When you throw in the Clone Wars expansion on top of that, and you’ve got an addictive game that’s tough to put down.

I know, I know, RTS games don’t always work well on the consoles, but they’ve gotten significantly better over the years (especially when it comes to older titles). With the Age of Empires franchise getting a impressive HD remakes/remasters, there’s no reason why Galactic Battlegrounds can’t see some of that same love and attention.

Knights of the Old Republic I & II

No discussion of Star Wars game remasters is complete without mentioning the Knights of the Old Republic games. The story-centric RPGs hold a special place in fans’ hearts, with good reason. Beyond the engaging characters and story, the titles offered players the chance to really be immersed in the galaxy far, far away for the first time.

While the graphics and gameplay are a bit dated now, they are still a ridiculous amount of fun to play. Just recently I’ve gone back to these games thanks to STEAM and was surprised at how much fun they still were. Even so, I can’t help thinking an updated version of these titles (preferably with the deleted content added in for KOTOR II) with enhancements would be amazing to dive back into. Couple that with being able to play them on the go with the Switch, and I’d pretty much give Lucasfilm a blank check.

There are plenty more classic Star Wars games I would love to see playable on modern platforms; from the Super Star Wars Trilogy, Battle For Naboo, the X-Wing titles, and more. Hell, I’d really love to see some of the older GameBoy/Advanced titles show up on the Switch at some point!

These titles I’ve listed above, however, are the ones I most want to see happen in the near future. They all offered something unique to Star Wars games you can’t get in other titles, and would be worth letting newer generations enjoy in a fresh way. If more Star Wars remasters are on the way, what do you hope to see?