Study Finds that Xbox Gamers are Better in Bed Than Nintendo and Sony Players…Wait, What?

It’s amazing what research and studies can find these days.  VoucherCodesPro (who?) is apparently doing research into the effect playing video games have on relationships, and conducted a poll over in the UK that dealt specifically with sexual prowess.  They began by determining which console their partners used to play games with, and then asked ‘How would you rate your partner in the bedroom?’

The results of course ranged from excellent to below average.  What they discovered was that, when the results were broken down, Xbox gamers were rated the highest by their partners; 54% rating them good or above.  Wii gamers managed to come in second, Sony third, and PC gamers pulling up dead last with only about 8% rating them as very good or above.  

Xbox gamers

All right folks, I guess this thoroughly scientific discovery has settled the matter once and for all, there’s no more need to debate which console is superior.  Who knows, maybe this is only limited to gamers in the UK, perhaps we should fund a similar study over here in the States to figure this out as well.  All I know, is that this only gives gamers more smack talk ammo online…as if we needed more.  There are just two things that have me worried about this study and makes me wonder:

1) I’m concerned because I could have sworn the majority of Xbox gamers (at least online anyway) were 12 year olds with potty-mouths.

2) What does this mean for those of us who have all three consoles? 

Confession time readers!  Which are you playing?

[Thanks to Metro for the heads up on this]