Take a Heartbreaking Look at the Darth Maul Game we Never Got

In the last few years, the Star Wars franchise hasn’t been doing so well in the video game spectrum.  The last few games to bear the Star Wars brand received mixed to poor reviews and fans were growing tired of it.  Things were starting to look up when Star Wars: 1313 was revealed and promised an exciting narrative driven action adventure.  Then the Disney merger canned the project and it was revealed that Boba Fett would have been the main character, breaking fans’ hearts the world over.  

Thanks to reports from this month’s GameInformer it was revealed that prior to that, a video game was in the works for yet another fan favorite character: Darth Maul.  Much like 1313 it was cancelled and will never see the light of day (despite having been in development for 8 months prior to that).  The game was in development from Red Fly and was set to incorporate a number of Sith Lords, including Darth Talon from the Legacy comic series.  

There were reportedly a number of problems with the game, however, with no script in place, no real direction coming from Lucasarts, and confusing instructions from none other than George Lucas.  Ultimately the game was cancelled, though it sounds more like it was shut down in order to minimize projects before the Disney purchase happened.  

{gallery}Darth Maul Game{/gallery} 

Seeing all of this is just hurting my heart.  While I’ve often talked about my love for all things Star Wars, what many may not know, is that the primary focus of my collection is on Darth Maul.  I almost wish I wouldn’t have known about this game’s existence!  I can’t say I totally understand where they planned on taking the story, it still looks like it could have been awesome, giving gamers and Star Wars fans a unique experience.  

All I can say now, is that EA had better be stepping up their game.  The last few Star Wars games we’ve learned about but got canned (Star Wars: First Assault, 1313, and now Darth Maul) have all looked impressive, and could have gone a long way towards making Star Wars an important brand in gaming once more.  Hopefully EA brings the goods with Star Wars: Battlefront, and whatever new game that Uncharted developer Amy Hennig has up her sleave.  

What do you guys think of this Darth Maul game that we never got?  Be sure to hit up GameInformer for a few more of the technical details about this game.