Telltale Batman – The Enemy Within – Episode 3: The Fractured Mask Recap

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Which Pact member did you choose to leave behind in Episode 2?

M: Initially, I chose to leave Harley behind, mainly because I didn’t know what they meant by “Head Off”.  I picked “Head Off Bane” only to find out it meant to fight alongside but leave the other behind.  I ended up going through it again, choosing to fight with Harley and leave Bane behind.  I mean, he’s a jacked-up luchador.  He can totally take on 40 agents that clearly don’t lift.  

LA: So oddly in my fist save file I chose Bane knowing how other Telltale Games worked when pivoted between two people. I ultimately thought the other would die or at most be in the agency’s hand, and I was secretly thinking this might make Joker well, the joker who is now still a “innocent John Doe”. However, when they show back up I’m just like “…..oh…damn” the choices beyond that don’t seem to hold much weight in the episode but maybe later on. Leaving either one seems to be shrugged off so we’ll see if those strings get pulled again.


When you returned to Riddler’s Hideout, what did you do?

LA: I always no matter how many saves methodologically go thru every interactable given to find out if new dialogue can be found with characters. For instance, Selina responds differently on a answer you give based on if you told her she was just a thief in season 1. I was kinda disappointed that I sorta figured out the Riddle way before I even got the riddle in question, but the fight between Bruce and Selina is extremely entertaining, and of course I tried to kiss her the first time. Plus, there is a fun Easter Egg for LEGO Batman. If you go to look at Riddlers bed and interact with it, Bruce will say something along the lines of how bad Riddler was living.  Selina will reply with “we can’t all have lobster thermidor every night” a call back to LEGO Batman’s favorite meal.

M: Before I went inside Riddler’s hideout, I totally bribed the officer that was in my way.  I turned out later that I made Gordon suspicious, but hey I’m a bad guy, right?  When I entered the hideout, I too found the riddle a lot easier than in Episode 1 where you had to connect the dots with how the agent died.  In this one, it was relatively easy to figure out since the clues were right in front of you.  I did find it odd, though, how deep Selina’s relationship with Riddler was.  The guy had no redeeming qualities but they made it seem like they were lovers or something.  It really weirded me out.  As for the fight, I absolutely enjoyed it and Joker’s reactions to it.  I too tried to kiss her which seemed like a bad idea afterward.

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What advice did you give John Doe during the cafe chat?

M: One of the things I love about Telltale Games is that no conversation is mere happenstance, your answers form and shape an entire character and their outcome.  Take, for instance, John Doe.  We all know he’s going to become the Joker, but man I am trying to prevent him from doing so by saying all the nice things I can.  The more I do that, though, the more I feel like he’s misconstruing the answer to “be himself”.  That’s because who he really is is a murderous psychopath!

LA: So I found myself doing the same thing in season one with Harvey, unknowingly trying keep a monster from being created, by trying to steer John down the right path and giving him the right motivation to not eventually turn into my biggest nemesis. I try to keep him on the straight and narrow so I tell him to be himself and try to do the right thing ultimately judging by the screen cap of the next episode, though, it seems like there’s nothing that will stop John from becoming joker

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Did you warn Catwoman that the GCPD was coming for her?

LA: On My first play through I didn’t warn her , which led to her ultimately being beat pretty bad. Oddly enough seeing her in this state made me want to share being Batman with her.  Which then by not turning her away, even after she burned me so many times before, she appears in more emboldened to help Bruce in his crusade if only for the moment. I truly felt I earned her as a real ally and possibly more.

M: Oh I definitely warned her.  To be fully transparent, I’ve been shipping these two for a LONG time.  In order to get close to her, I had to rat out Gordon to her, which I still feel like is a total Batman move.  Why let Gordon clean up my own mess when I can take care of what could be my only ally in the Pact?  You better believe I’m aligning with Catwoman any way I can.

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How did John Doe’s first interaction with Batman go?

M: Yet another interaction I was very cautious of.  I tried to let Joker feel like I was his friendly neighborhood Batman, while keeping him at arm’s length.  I also let him take the photo of us to show off on his wall.  Now that I think about it, that may have been a poor choice, considering all the dirt he has on Bruce with that phone….

LA: I tried to impress him like someone would a child, I even let him keep his phone, I kept my Batman persona pretty gritty but with enough hope to let John believe him and the Batman are allies and friends.

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Did you bring Catwoman back to the Batcave?

LA: As I stated, originally I did. It felt deserved at that point maybe she kinda got a little of what she had coming to her, I almost thought I ruined it when she saw her stuff on display luckily, though, she’s still with Bruce as well as the Bat.

M: Heck yeah I did!  That’s the whole point of shipping to characters!  You want to get them into a relationship and the payoff was pretty cool.  In all my years of following the Caped Crusader I never once saw him be vulnerable and allow someone into his inner sanctum.  To see that with Selina was really fun and I would make that decision again 10/10 times.


Who got outed as the mole and thrown into the Cryochamber?

M: I tried to sway John to confess to being the mole, because there was no way I was going to let Catwoman take the fall.  Just as I was about to invest in that decision, though, I once again thought about the whole Joker transformation and instead decided to let Bruce be uncovered as the mole.  That’s when I started getting scared that Harley had kidnapped Tiffany, because she started talking about how close she and I were.  I was terrified when Harley was leading me down the stairs I thought for sure that Tiffany was about to be thrust into the Cryochamber.  When I found out that wasn’t the case and that Bruce would be the one to freeze it got me pretty excited to find out where we’ll go from there in Episode 4.

LA: After the passionate moment with Selina I had in the cave there was no way I was snitching on her. There also appeared to be a moment I could out John as well but declined.  On my second time through, I tried and it seemed like Harley wouldn’t believe regardless so seemed like a waste of a decision but I truly don’t know how I plan to get out of the container…I’m left on the edge of my seat still!

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Overall impressions of the episode

LA: I thought this episode started slow but gave a great ending to get me excited on episode 4. I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t get into the batsuit as much as I would have liked but all the scenes with Bruce were meaningful and made sense, 3.5/5.

M: It’s apparent that this season of Telltale’s Batman is all about the man behind the cowl and I am more than ok with it.  Episode 3 gave us the most intimate, unpredictable moments ever witnessed in a Batman setting.  With that in mind and the excitement level peaking for episode 4 I have to give it a 4/5.

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