10 Favorite Trailers from E3 2017

The best part (for me personally anyway) of any E3, is the sheer amount of new game trailers we get to see.  Trailers are our window into the game world, offering up our first looks at what’s to come, or new things to look forward to.  They’re specifically designed to generate/build hype and some are more effective than others.  

As I have done in years past, I’m here to talk about some of the best trailers E3 gave gamers this year.  There was plenty to choose from (and yes, I’m including trailers launched in the week or so before the event that were created for the show), so I made my picks off of the hype factor, the cool factor, and overall presentation.  



God of War

The new God of War reboot kicked off Sony’s press conference last year and blew people away.  This time around, we got another look at Kratos’ Nordic adventure with a swanky new gameplay trailer, that also gives us some hints/clues towards the story.  We know his son and that relationship is an integral part to the story, but this trailer finally gave us some insight to that.  While we will still have to wait until next year to play it, at least we got a release window and footage to showcase how the development team really wants to make God of War special again.  




We got our first glimpse at Anthem this year and I’m already excited to get my hands on it.  Sure, I know it’s basically Bioware’s version of Destiny, but I’m 100% okay and on board with it.  If they can bring their brand of storytelling to that MMO/shooter format, I’m definitely eager to see more.  Bioware always does a stellar job crafting engaging, epic feeling trailers, and Anthem’s reveal was no different.  



Star Wars: Battlefront II

I’ve made no secret about my disappointment in the first Star Wars Battlefront game and it’s lack of story content.  EA made it crystal clear they heard the complaints from fans in that regard and are committed to providing a great single-player experience along with the multiplayer for Star Wars: Battlefront II.  While we saw a story trailer previously, the new E3 trailer mixed in more of the multiplayer elements, showing off the Prequel content and some exciting hero battles.  All in all, the trailer left me feeling like issues had been properly addressed and I’m eager to see how it plays when it launches.  



The Evil Within 2

Everyone knows I’m not a huge horror fan (movies or games), mostly because I’m a big chicken.  I’m sure the neighborhood heard my echoing screams when I was playing Alien Isolation when it released…So it may seem odd that I’ve picked The Evil Within 2 to sit on my top trailers list.  Despite the fact that I’ll likely not play it, there’s no denying how effective this reveal trailer is.  It hits all the right notes, striking a solid balance between gory horror, and full-on suspense.  It’s enticing to fans of the original and newcomers alike.   



Skull & Bones 

Perhaps I’m just a sucker for Pirate related video games (I’m unreasonably excited for Sea of Thieves), but the announcement trailer for Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones really caught my attention.  The cinematic reveal showed off a swashbuckling endeavor, where you can take to the high seas and live out your wildest Pirate dreams.  Coupled with the excellent gameplay demo afterwards and it’s hard to deny the hype for this game.  



Dragon Ball FighterZ

Bandai Namco’s latest Dragon Ball Z related video game made it’s debut at E3, and takes the franchise back to its more traditional roots.  Unlike the latest Xenoverse games, story isn’t the big focus, and FighterZ looks to play out like a more traditional 2D fighting game…and it looks so gorgeous.  The art style feels like it’s pulled straight out of the beloved anime with all the over the top action fans have come to expect.  While it was a quick announcement trailer it was enough to get fans excited.  



Ori and the Will of the Wisps

One of the most impressive indie games for the Xbox One was Ori and the Blind Forest.  The art style is stunning and brougth together solid gameplay and an engaging story.  As such, it was great to see a trailer for the sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps.  Beyond the excitement of a sequel, the trailer is just well crafted and beautiful to watch…I mean, how in the Hell does a trailer make me get all choked up?!



Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft closed out their press conference this year with a surprise, a cinematic trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2.  The long gestating sequel has been the source of much frustration over the years with a constant “will they, won’t they” back and forth.  Despite rumors about it making an appearance at just about every E3 for the last several years…it finally happened.  Moreso, it’s ridiculously good looking, with sleek animation and characters that already feel interesting.  Even if you haven’t been among the fans anxiously awaiting the game, the trailer surely caught your attention.  



Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gave us a much better look at the upcoming game and the new cast of characters/environment we’ll be traversing.  Where the first trailer gave us a quick glimpse at the big RPG, the new E3 trailer introduces the story, confirming the game won’t return us to the Bionis or Mechonis, but forging it’s own path in a similar style.  Either way, it was a great look at the characters and villains.  



Horizon: Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long to get our first look at story DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn.  The action open-world action game is among the best games I’ve played this year (and the past decade), and after sinking a ridiculous amount of hours into it, I’m still eager for more.  The Frozen Wilds returns gamers to that world, with Aloy back for more in a new locale, with new robot beasts to take on.  Sign me the Hell up!