The 5 Star Wars Games We Want to Play After Watching The Force Awakens

The lead-up to The Force Awakens was filled with both a wealth of information and an utter void.  As the books and comics expanded the new canon, the gaming side of things were largely left out of it, giving us Star Wars Battlefront.  It’s been a fun game, but the lack of story doesn’t help gamers expand the Star Wars universe, which is frustrating since there seems to be a plethora of great things the gaming side could do.  Disney Infinity Playsets haven’t done much either in this regard, instead recapping stories we already know. 

Now that The Force Awakens has released, the mystery box is open and we’re likely to get more information from the rest of the new canon quicker than ever before.  Since Battlefront has been out in the world for a couple months now, this seems like an even better time to finally reveal more plans and ideas EA has with their big license.  

As we wait, however, I thought it’d be a good time to take a look at some video games I’d love to see them tackle, especially knowing what we know now: 

force awakens 4

Resistance Squadron: Black Leader 

It’s been a couple console generations since Star Wars fans and gamers have had a chance to dogfight in the galaxy far, far away.  While Star Wars Battlefront offers up a chance take control of some iconic vehicles to battle it out, it leaves many of us wanting much more.  The Force Awakens gave audiences an incredible new team of fighter pilots with their leader being the “best pilot in the Resistance”.  As such, this seems like the perfect time to revive the Rogue Squadron franchise as something new to tie-in with the fighters we’ve been introduced to.  

The film makes it clear this group of pilots have been working together in the fight against the First Order for quite some time before the events of the movie itself, so it seems like fertile ground for storytelling, especially within a video game.  As it would focus on the antics of the Resistance, the developers could avoid any big backstory reveals Lucasfilm wants to save for the movies.  It would still give fans a look at the state of the Star Wars galaxy in the (still) largely unexplored territory of the time between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens.  

Hell, I wouldn’t care if it was a new Battle for Naboo game, just give us SOMETHING Rogue Squadron-esque!  Though I think setting it within the Resistance would be the best way to capitalize on one of fans’ new favorite characters: Poe Dameron.  

Knights of the Old Republic Screen

Knights of the New Republic

Thanks to The Force Awakens we know Luke Skywalker was training a new generation of Jedi at some point before it all went downhill…But That’s about all we’re given to work with.  Understandably this subject is one of the most interesting to fans who want to know more about Luke’s adventures after Return of the Jedi wrapped up.  Personally speaking, I think this tale feels perfect for a new RPG to explore.  

You could play as any one of Luke’s new students, giving gamers the chance to explore those characters who never got the chance to be seen on the big screen while also giving a unique backdrop for gamers to explore.  Gamers could go on missions across the galaxy to help out the New Republic as you gather new people to help your cause.  Perhaps your quest would be hunting down other Force sensitives who’ve been in hiding to help flesh out the new Academy.  There’s a lot of story options to choose from. 

Sadly, I have the feeling they plan on exploring this territory in the movies rather than the video game arena, but it’s a nice thought.  The RPG genre, with it’s attention to characters and plot, seems uniquely suited to the Star Wars franchise and it’s been entirely underutilized.  At the very least, I think most fans can agree it’s time for another Star Wars based RPG for us to enjoy.  

EAW 006 large

Republic at War 

One of my favorite gaming genres of all time (something for which I talk about frequently here on the site) is Real Time Strategy.  It’s the gaming genre I grew up with and one which seems perfect for the Star Wars universe.  After all, the primary idea behind Star Wars is a galaxy at war, with large scale combat engulfing entire planets and systems. 

Throughout the years, Star Wars RTS games have released to mixed results.  Some have been incredible and remain fun to play today (Empire at War and Galactic Battlegrounds), while others were horrible misfires.  Even with plenty of success in the genre, it’s been right at a decade since the last RTS excursion in the Star Wars franchise.  

With the wealth of new lore and territory to cover thanks to the start of the new trilogy, this seems like the perfect time to make another Star Wars RTS game.  Imagine taking control of the early New Republic as they battle the last dregs of the Empire in the immediate years following Return of the Jedi.  Maybe even take command of the First Order as they begin to consolidate their power as they work to build the Starkiller base in secret.  

Mad Max

Jakku Scavenger

So far, I’ve talked about more galactic spanning adventures that would take gamers all across the Star Wars galaxy, but this would be something on a different scale.  Imagine an open-world game where you play as one of the many scavengers on the desolate world of Jakku fighting for survival (much in the same style of last year’s Mad Max game).  

Instead of dealing with galactic conflict, you have to contend with cruel and unfair “gangsters” who control resources and battle other scavengers.  You could search crashed Star Destroyers, claim certain locations, and craft a home to call your own.  The story would be on a much smaller scale, but something I could see many gamers falling in love with and spending hours having tons of fun.  

It’d be a nice change of pace for Star Wars gaming, offering something a little different, while also letting fans get a little more backstory on the newest planet introduced to the Star Wars franchise.  Heck, I’d just have fun being able to mess around with a crafting system set in the Star Wars lore.  

Republic Commando

New Republic Commando

Many Star Wars fans have been longing for a follow-up to Republic Commando.  The squad-based FPS game allowed fans the chance to put themselves behind enemy lines in the galactic conflict.  It’s story and characters made an impact on fans, yet despite its critical success it never received a sequel.  

While many gamers would love to see how the story of all those characters wrap-up, I think a return to this franchise in the years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens would be amazing.  We learned from the film, The Republic isn’t in open war with The First Order (which is why the Resistance is there), so the game could focus on clandestine missions designed to undermine the First Order and keep it from growing larger.  

Even if they went with their original sequel idea, Imperial Commando, and set it during the height of the Empire, fans would respond estatically.  While Battlefront certainly helps scratch the shooter genre itch for Star Wars fans, it’s the story and sense of camaraderie that sold everyone on Republic Commando, something Battlefront is sorely lacking.  


Obviously at this point we have no real idea what EA has in store for the future of Star Wars games.  We can only hope some of these ideas (or just genres) are being considered and revealed before too long.  What type of Star Wars video games would you like to play the most?  Be sure to give us your AAA ideas in the comments below!