The 6 Best Trailers from E3 2013

Let’s face it, there were a lot of great trailers this year at E3.  Some were exciting because of the gameplay possibilities they exposed, while others were joy inducing simply because of the brand behind it.  Either way, these were the trailers that stood out most to me. 

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Somehow, Microsoft was able to snag this trailer during their pre-E3 press conference (despite it being a primarily Playstation franchise), and it was absolutely gorgeous.  It gave us a better feel for the new game, and showed off what the FOX Engine was capable.  Kojima/Konami weren’t done however, as they released a nine minute extended version of the trailer, that managed to be even more badass. 

Hideo Kojima has always strived for that cinematic approach to gaming, and the technology is at a point where he can truly make that happen.  There were so many aspects of this trailer that had me excited to play, curious to know more about the story, and hooked visually.  It does everything a trailer is supposed to do, and does it with style. 

Star Wars Battlefront

This was one of the times (of which there were a few this year), that I started cheering and jumping up and down with excitement.  Both Star Wars fans and gamers alike have lamented the sad tale of Star Wars Battlefront III and how it never came to pass.  When EA took over the Star Wars license hope was once again renewed for the Battlefront franchise.

EA knew what fans have been wanting, and delivered with this short, but sweet trailer promising they had heard the fans’ outcry.  Better still, DICE, the devs behind the excellent Battlefield series is behind it.  While we can’t expect the game until sometime in 2014 (at the earliest), it was still a great reveal for the company.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

To be entirely honest, I had sort of forgotten about Bioware’s next Dragon Age game until this trailer came out, but my memory came back pretty damn quick!  One of the things Bioware has always done well when it comes to promoting their games, are excellent trailers.  Just look at all the amazing treats we got in The Old Republic trailers, and more recently the Mass Effect 3 promotions.  They’re incredibly well put together trailers, that manage to hook you in and act almost like a mini-movie.

More importantly, they get you attached to certain characters, and really involve you within the world they’ve created.  Considering they make highly involved RPG experiences, that’s a pretty good piece of marketing, even without showing any gameplay.  They did it once again with this sleek looking Dragon Age trailer, and despite feelings about the previous game, I didn’t talk to many people who weren’t pumped after seeing this trailer.


Despite some stumbles, Microsoft’s E3 press conference managed to show off some cool looking games.  One of those was their exclusive Titanfall.  The trailer shows off an interesting game that seems to blend traditional shooting styles of gameplay with some platforming action and even giant freaking robots.  In all, there’s plenty in the trailer to enjoy and looks to be one of the more interesting IPs coming to the Xbox One. 

I enjoyed the gameplay I saw, and think there are some really neat ideas that could be explored within the game; both from a story and gameplay perspective.  I’m just hoping it delivers and am anxious to see more of this (hopefully) in the near future.

Final Fantasy XV

It’d been rumored beforehand that Final Fantasy vs. XIII would be rebranded as Final Fantasy XV, and that’s precisely what happened.  However, it wasn’t that revelation that earned this trailer a spot on my list, it’s just how badass the game itself looked.  It’s been in development for a ridiculously long time, so it was nice to see a new trailer for it at all, showing off new aspects of the game.

The setting and characters look incredible (as they typically do), but it’s the gameplay that really caught my attention.  The action elements of the game looked fun and intense, providing a faster paced experience that isn’t the norm for the franchise.  With even long running fans of the Final Fantasy franchise feeling jaded and bummed by recent releases, Final Fantasy XV looks as though it has the potential to turn all that around. 

inFamous: Second Son

inFamous, despite some shortcomings, remains one of my favorite franchises from this generation, so I was pumped when they revealed Second Son back in February, and even more excited to see new footage at this year’s E3.  Simply put, it just looks like a ridiculous amount of fun.  The powers look interesting and like they can be used in fun ways, while the story seems poignant and deeper than what we’ve seen before. 

While I’m sad to see Cole go, the new protagonist is starting to grow on me the more I see of him.  There’s more to him than the rebelliousness and I am anxious to get my hands on his story.


Obviously there were way more trailers shown at the event (all of which you can check out on our YouTube channel), but these were the ones that stood out most to me, and had a ‘wow impact’ while viewing.  Which trailers were you most impressed with at this year’s E3?  Be sure to share them with us below!