The Brackets Are Set For UGF WWE 2K18 King of the Ring

Previously at UGF MvC: Dawn of GoldenEye, 8 contestants filed into Nerdvana Food & Spirits to compete on Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.  When the dust settled, LLP was the last man standing, earning himself a championship opportunity at WWE 2K18 King of the Ring.

LLP would face off against the winner of the championship match that night which saw Quad C take on the Undefeated Cinelinx UGF Champion BC in a 10-minute GoldenEye match.  In what was a thrilling match that saw the game tied at 5-5, the game would end in controversial fashion as the champion used a character the gaming world believed to be illegal, in Oddjob.

In the end BC retained and Quad C was sent back to the tournament pool.  However, newly-signed Commissioner Jason the X would make a statement, following this controversial finish.

With the ball squarely in LLP’s court to announce the stipulation of the match, he had this to say…

LLP’s reveal of the stipulation for the championship match would put the title match to bed, but the new commissioner wasn’t done making announcements.  This time, his sights were sent on the tournament competitors, specifically Quad C.

In summary, we have a Championship match that will feature The Undefeated Cinelinx UGF Champion BC take on LLP in a normal rules match, but the only way BC retains is if he wins by pinfall or submission!  Plus, according to Commissioner Jason the X, if Quad C wins the tournament and BC retains, Quad C will choose the championship game at the next UGF event!

The tournament, prior to the championship match, will see 8 competitors face off in WWE 2K18 at 7pm/CST on the Cinelinx channels of Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and Mixer.  The Round 1 Bracket will be as follows:

wwe2k bracket

  • Round 1 will be played under Normal Match Rules
  • Round 2 will be under Extreme Rules
  • Final Round will see the last two competitors fight in a Ladder Match

It’s going to be another heart-pounding episode of UGF with WWE 2K18 King of the Ring, and we’re not even done!  Last month, we gave away a copy of Destiny 2.  This tournament, we’re handing out a copy of Middle-earth Shadow of War on Xbox One!  To win, you have to follow @CinelinxUGF and be active in the chat!  The winner will be announced after the tournament.

Be sure to watch Friday November 3, 2017 at 7PM/CST LIVE from Nerdvana Food & Spirits on the Cinelinx Channels of FacebookYoutubeTwitch, and Mixer!