The Gameplay Footage for Jedi: Fallen Order Has Me BEYOND Excited!

Oh wow, oh wow, wow, wow! I was already excited about Jedi: Fallen Order after seeing the official teaser, but now that I’ve seen the official gameplay footage, my excitement has gone completely over the top!

As far as I can tell, the gameplay footage for Jedi: Fallen Order that was shown at E3 2019 today takes place over the course of a single level, set on Kashyyyk. The Jedi player character has to make their way through an Imperial refinery to free some Wookie slaves while Saw Guerrera (the same Rebel leader from Star Wars: Rebels and Rogue One) and his team cause a distraction.

My early excitement was actually tempered with nerves at first because this game is ultimately overseen by EA, a studio which has a decidedly mixed history when it comes to releasing Star Wars video games. It’s no secret that Star Wars Battlefront (2015) and Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) were less than successful, and I was afraid that Jedi: Fallen Order would prove to be all fancy visuals with no substance.

After all, the most recent Battlefront game looks amazing, even now, but when it released in 2017, there just wasn’t that much to do because the campaign was so short (and don’t get me started on the loot box fiasco). But judging from the near fifteen minutes of gameplay from Jedi: Fallen Order that I saw, it seems my fears are unwarranted. Because this footage is full of substance.

I loved this gameplay footage because it demonstrated a broad spectrum of what the player character can do. Some of it reminded me of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, like when the Force is used to force open a door, or fling objects through the air. And then, to my absolute delight, there were some Force abilities shown that clearly paid homage to the sequel trilogy, like freezing a blaster bolt in the air, or using the Force to hold an enemy in place (both of which were demonstrated in the films by Kylo Ren). I like how we can apparently use the Force to kill enemies in new ways, like freezing a blaster bolt and then pulling a trooper in the way so they’re hit by the same bolt they fired.

The enemies are varied, which is always good, and I was excited to get a look at the Purge Troopers, special troops trained to hunt Jedi. I was hoping to get a closer look at the Inquisitor featured in this game, but perhaps we’ll get a peek closer to the release date. The Lightsaber combat looks to be on point, with the character able to deflect bolts to cause damage, throw their Lightsaber and have it return, and, of course, use it to slice and kill all enemies in their path. I also noticed that the Lightsaber can be used for illumination, which is a nice touch of realism.

And speaking of realism, I love the look of this game. Considering this is described as Alpha footage, the game looks to be in great shape judging from this gameplay. It’s like exploring a map in Star Wars Battlefront II (2017), only this time we’ve got the single player combat action we’ve always wanted.

Overall, my excitement level for Jedi: Fallen Order is now over the moon, and I can’t wait for the game to come out in just over five months from now. Hopefully in that time we’ll see some more gameplay footage set in different areas of the game. That being said, EA has given us a great look at the game.