The Games To Buy In 2013

the last of us


The Last of Us

This is by far the most anticipated title coming out for me. When people say the consoles are pushed to their limits, Naughty Dog turns around and says “not so fast!” The game looks breathtaking, but everything revolving around it sounds neat. You have Naughty Dog trying something entirely new, and a story heavy game complete with swift cut scenes that blend into the gameplay. Let’s not forget the all-star cast they have behind the voices make it a must have on its own! 


Grand Theft Auto 5

Rockstar is releasing a new Grand Theft Auto, end of story.

Okay we won’t leave it at that, but what more can you say? Anytime Rockstar is releasing anything we get excited for it. We loved Max Payne, and it was actually a Game of the Year contender for us. Now we are going back to what Rockstar does best with GTA, and they are promising it will be bigger and better than ever. I’m crossing my fingers they go back to putting fun into every aspect of it, similar to their old games and not GTA4. Not quite as far as Saints Row, but close enough to be fun!


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

I absolutely love Metal Gear, and will never get enough of it. Raiden isn’t a big favorite of the franchise, but you can’t help but to see where this goes. Kojima has been doing a good job of randomly making Raiden a badass, and that alone is increasing my interest. Then playing him in PlayStation All-Stars made me want even more. I’m interested to see what a new studio does with their shot at Metal Gear, and the new twist the franchise is taking. If you are not interested in the game, then you still want it to be out already. Once it’s out, all eyes can turn towards Phantom Pain, er Metal Gear Solid.


Dead Space 3

Dead Space is one of the last standing survival horror games that has done things correctly. We want more, but most importantly we want to know if they messed things up. Multiplayer and co-op might take away from the scarieness of the game, so we are all worried. Yet if the game turns out like the past two titles, well we get yet another awesome horror game! So let the dice roll and let’s see where it takes us!


Devil May Cry (DMC)

DMC is a game with a long standing fanbase behind it. When Capcom decided to reboot it, some tempers faired a bit. When the entire design and view of Dante changed, people were outraged. When a demo released and the game was actually rather neat, people got curious. So where will the reboot take us? Much like Dead Space 3, we are tempted to see which side of the fence this game lands on and so far it’s looking (and playing) awesome!

tomb raider

Tomb Raider

Right behind The Last of Us on my pre-order list is Tomb Raider, and this game is looking just as insane. Unlike DMC, I felt this game actually needed a reboot. It was being pushed into a corner, and this new outlook is phenomenal. I’ve been impressed everytime they have shown this game to the public, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The only bad thing I’ve heard so far is they added multiplayer to it. Sorry but I think this is one game that doesn’t need it, but then again it could end up like Uncharted’s online so that may be neat.

rainbow Six

Rainbow Six: Patriots

Finally, and we mean finally, Rainbow Six is making a return. The last time we saw the team they were battling it out in Vegas, and both of the Vegas games did amazingly well with the fans and reviews. I couldn’t get enough of the game and everytime Ubisoft has something in the works I hope its Rainbow Six. We saw some gameplay of the upcoming game and it felt very futuristic like Ghost Recon, but still somewhat restricted. Let’s just cross our fingers that Rainbow Six has been behind the scenes waiting for an epic release.



This is a game that randomly goes under the radar at times, then Ubisoft showcases it and people go crazy over it. The gameplay looks insane, and we don’t know a whole lot about the game, but what we do know sounds interesting. Visually, the game will easily be one of the best. The story seems to be one of the first titles to go in sci-fi direction, as several other games are following similar matters. Overall WatchDogs looks to be a hit!


Gears of War: Judgment

Gears of War was supposed to end as the story was written to do so at the end of Gears of War 3, but did we at all think that was the case? Nope, Gears of War is making a return and heading into the past to do so. This time telling the story of Cole and Baird in the early stages of the Locust war. This is interesting as another game (Resistance) tried to pull a move like this, but what will come of it? Will we see our main hero come back at some point?

These are some of the games we will be picking up (and reviewing for you) this year! Yet we know some games are missing on the list and we are leaving those up to you to mention! What games will you be buying, and what game did we miss that you think absolutely needs to be listed! Let us know in the comments!