The Good and What Needs Improvement Of The Destiny Beta



The Good: Everyone thought everyone was over powered!

This is something that I noticed while playing and also listening/reading peoples complaints after they played. Everybody thought the opposing class was overpowered. Warlocks hated Hunters, Hunters hated Titans, and Titans hated Warlocks, and the circle goes on. The nice thing about this complaint is that they are all pretty much equal once you learn to use them. A person specializing in Warlocks will have a good grasp of it’s powers and abilities, thus making him deadly with that class. Same with a person using Hunters and so on. If every class is complaining about each other then I say job well done!


The Bad: Snipers and shotguns were indeed overpowered.

While classes themselves seem fine, I found snipers extremely overpowered. Both using them and running from them, they were way too easy to use. This problem alone made me hate The Moon map because there is so much open space, it makes it hard to hide when several snipers are picking you off. Much like COD the higher power snipers just need to be shot in the area around a player to get a kill….. ugh. When I was using a sniper I could easily pick off people even from fast moving vehicles. As for shotguns, these are a little better as the range is a bit closer. However there were a few people running around with long distance one shot guns.



The Good: Environments were beautifully crafted!

This was one thing about Destiny that made it so sweet, you could look around anywhere and be amazed. Even in the Tower you could explore and find beautiful scenes. When the Moon mission opened up, we saw even more well crafted scenery all around us. During Crucible matches you could look into the sky and see darkness slowly taking over, which goes along with the story. A lot of people spent most of their times simply looking at everything.

The Bad: Environments were not alive.

Besides ships coming and going in the Tower, there really wasn’t much movement on any of the maps. No moving tree’s or crumbling buildings, no ships flying in the air, nothing really outside of the static environments. If you want Destiny to feel big, make it feel big! It was also somewhat a rare case to come across the AI fighting each other, I’d love to see more epic battles between the AI.


The Good: The assortment of weapons and loot

For being a beta and only being capable of getting to level 8, you had a TON of options to choose from. You could find chests with hidden secrets, special weapons, even elite weapons. Each weapon had it’s own specifications and sometimes even a perk to go with it. Some were rare, others were common. You could deck your character out to be perfect for your play style in every way possible, it’s awesome and this is only a snippet of the game.


The Bad: Lack of loot.

While you had all these options, it felt rare to actually find something. Most weapons I used were either purchased at the Tower or given to me after matches. When exploring the world during missions you would hardly ever find anything beyond a chest here and there, and “hidden areas” with super high enemies had no reward for finding. Heck some people took the time to take down these super high enemies and were still rewarded with nothing. Big boss battles would reward players with lackluster things like orbs of light and maybe some ammo. Why not drop shields or temp items instead?

Again this is only a beta and the final game promises to be even more massive, so we assume a lot of these idea will be addressed. We just want to voice our opinion on the beta itself and see what everybody else wants to see in the final game. Also don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard, Bungie is listening! That overpowered “tank” in The Moon mission is being toned down thanks to complaints about it!