The UGF Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament at All-Con Airs Tonight

On March 16th, the competitors of the United Gaming Federation invaded the Renaissance Hotel in Addison to find out who among them was the best at Super Smash Bros. Melee on Gamecube.  Tonight at 7pm on the Cinelinx Facebook page, you’ll finally get to see what all went down at All-Con 2018!

Super Smash tourn

Upsets, new personas, and a brand new #1 contender were crowned during this event!  Find out who will face the Cinelinx UGF Champion tonight at 7pm!

While Quad C, LA, Tha Mad Zack, Ntropi, Kas, Jessi, Nick, and Cody go to blows for the right to face the champ, LLP will be in action as he tries to reclaim the title he lost to the current champion Michael Anthony Shafer in a Best 2 out of 3 game of Dragon Ball FighterZ!

Watch it live on Facebook tonight at 7pm and stay tuned for the fall out in the coming weeks!