The Video Game 2016 Presidential Election Ballot

If you came here looking to just have fun, you came to the right place! We are not going to tell you who to vote for or how evil someone is, we are just presenting the candidates. Oh, and the real election has nothing to do with it either! As a group we came across 5 candidates that we think would make solid runs at presidency.

We do have on slight variation of a game character running, as Alice from the Resident Evil movies has campaign ads!

And here is this elections ballot:



Mario might be the perfect person to run for president as he is a hard working plumber that has worked his tail off with over 130 appearances in the game industry. He has a multitude of experience as he has done everything from explore pipes to ref a boxing match, so he knows what every hard working voter has to deal with. He obviously has the kind heart approach by being your friend in a relatable way, and is very well known by all. His weakness is obviously his inability to keep Princess Peach safe, losing her constantly…. How will he protect us?

sonic politcal postar by static the hedgehog d4ux6fe


If we have Mario running for president, we think Sonic might have something to say about that. Sonic has appeared in over 60 games and counting, and has become a rival of Mario in many ways. They battled each other at the Olympics and continue to fight for the love of all 90’s gamers. Sonic is currently undergoing a revamped appearance that could entice even new voters with a more modern approach to classic games. Sonic could very easily have the spin that makes him topple Mario at this election. His weakness would be his obnoxious approach to every situation, often needing assistance to bail him out. Though that might not be an issue with a cabinet that includes Tails, Shadow, and Knuckles.


Master Chief

If you are pro guns, anit-alien scum, and want someone with a track record of protecting our world then Master Chief might be your choice. His strong militaristic approach will appeal to all FPS fans, and his M rated nature will ensure “violence in video games” isn’t a main topic at the elections or beyond. He has also found a way to appeal to the violence in video game crowd by releasing his latest title under T for Teen. That’s because everyone will be voting for him. His weakness is the fact he needs a helmet for anyone to know who he is.

mass effect

Commander Shepard

If you want a candidate that has gone through generations of diplomacy, choices, and team building then this is your guy (or girl) that you should vote for. Every interaction Shepard has had was a decision maker that would influence the outcome of an entire galaxy. He has strong relations with inter-world species, he understands the needs of his people and others, and he has the experience to extend Earth beyond our current boundaries. NASA would get an immediate budget increase within 100 days of election.


Duke Nukem

When you just want to say screw it, this is your man. His nature to say the first thing that pops into his head will make him an entertaining candidate throughout the election process. His stances take balls of steel to stand on, and he has no moral obligation to stand by any religion. He has no moral obligation period. He’d give a big “eff you” to modern politics, and endorsements. He is the king baby, and he will win no matter what anyone says. Seriously, if he runs, he will not take no for an answer…. His weakness is obviously his very sexist approach to woman, but his big muscles and shirtless pics might ease the tension.

There are obviously characters we may have missed, so who are some characters you feel should be running for president? Should Link from Zelda be included if he isn’t 35? Would Nathan Drake be capable of not going on an adventure for 4 years? Would Donkey Kong be able to control his rage? Let us know on Facebook and in the comments who your virtual vote goes to!