Tom Clancy’s The Division – Night 2 – Cinelinx Agents Take to the Streets

Once I logged in, I saw my good buddy Tyler (a.k.a. DarkStar50420, a.k.a. Phillip Freedom), Eric (a.k.a. Fathergamer, a.k.a. Sheriff Eric), and Rob (a.k.a. Ntropi_69, a.k.a. Rob) roaming the streets of Manhattan.  Immediately, I summoned them to my cause.  Together, we would take on the scum of New York and help out my fellow man!  Unfortunately, only Tyler answered the call.  After a brief moment of defeat, I quickly realized we didn’t need those guys.  No, they could go on and play their missions by themselves!  Phillip Freedom and Donny Gravitz could take back the city on our own!  Just as soon as we stopped trying to high five, using the wave ability.

To start their campaign, the dynamic duo began by doing some side missions and taking out some bad guys.  After we took out the first few rioters, Phillip Freedom decided it would be a great idea to start looting electronic stores.  Being the Agents Against Crime that we were, I obliged and we went to the nearest, let’s call it “Best Buy”.  As we started pilfering for electronic parts, we found this bachelor pad on the top floor.  Just as I was about to go through the unmentionables, The Division servers smacked me out of the system like they knew I was trespassing.  Another error code.  Another queue.  As I waited, I realized the errors of my ways.  Of course!  Don’t loot the civilian homes, loot the dead bodies of my sworn enemies!  My eyes were opened to the light.

maxresdefault 5

Once I returned to Manhattan, I regrouped with Phillip Freedom.  It was time to take on the main mission, Establish a Base of Operations!  We ran to the center of a firefight and started taking out enemies.  Through all the smoke and bullets, I noticed that we had another party member with us.  It was him!  The man who needs no last name or moniker.  Rob!  He rushed in with his level 4 status like a bear charging for a picnic basket!  Together, we took down our enemies, established the base and spent a prolonged amount of time waving at one and other.  

After about 10 minutes of that, we entered our base only to discover that we needed to rescue a doctor, an engineer, and a security officer.  It was the only way to fortify our new base.  We started with the security officer.  He’s a former policeman who just so happens to have the grit to get things done and keep people safe.  We had to save this man.  

We started out by taking out a few goons that were up to no good.  In fact, they were starting to make trouble in our neighborhood.  We got in one little fight, when the Sheriff showed up to rescue us!  That’s right Sheriff Eric arrived just in the knick of time with his circle of healing to revive us and help us survive the onslaught from the youths.  Together we took out the gangsters and we were on our way to saving our Security Officer!  

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Like an action-packed montage, Phillip Freedom, Donny Gravitz, Sheriff Eric, and Rob took out all our enemies, saved the Security guy, and helped him safely return back to base.  Afterward, we saved the medic and then it was time to help out our Tech guy.  However, our epic team was about to be splintered as one of our most trusted allies had to deal with the most wretched of realizations.  Phillip Freedom’s user had to go to work in the morning.  

After he departed, we sucked up what little stamina we had remaining and took on the “Cleaners”, for Phillip Freedom! …and also the Tech guy.  The Cleaners were a group of people who dress up like firefighters and use flamethrowers to kill intruders.  We had a blast shooting at their gas tanks and just waiting for them to blow up!  We might have gotten a little too excited, actually.  We took a lot of screenshots.

Co op 1st group medical center zpssti2ddgr

Once we saved the Tech guy, we had everything our Base of Operations needed to start to rebuild the city.  Our fight was over for that night.  We learned a lot, during our fight together, though.  Like, this game is not meant for the Soldier of Fortune.  Hide.  Don’t charge in like I always did with a reckless abandon to win.  You will die and it will be kind of funny.  In any case, we would pick it back up the next evening, to begin the next chapter in the rescue of Manhattan!  Join us again on twitch at movethejoystick and the Cinelinx simulcast. Also, friend me on PSN at Septero7! 

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