Top 5 Metal Gear Solid Boss Battles

We are all in a Metal Gear frenzy right now as most of us are still churning away at The Phantom Pain. Look I’ve played it for several hours and it still says I’m only a small percent done with the game. So I don’t plan to bombard you with random spoilers of The Phantom Pain or any of that nonsense. Instead I figured we could all take a step back and look at some of the great bosses Metal Gear has thrown our way. So there won’t be any Phantom Pain nominations…At least not until most of us have completed all of it!

5.) Sniper Wolf

Personally one of my favorite all time bosses period, Sniper Wolf was more about the back story than it was the actual gameplay. That being said, the gameplay was rather awesome too. Kojima seems fond of snipers in his games and almost always does the idea of a sniper in the distance justice. In MGS it was no different, you walk into a mostly open area and quickly need to dive into cover as you search for that pesky sniper.

The entire battle takes place in a snow storm and you can hear Snake’s heart beating as you look for Sniper Wolf hiding behind tree’s or up on hills. And yet when you get that final blow you would assume you’d be thinking “finally! I’ve done it! I’ve killed that son of a ….” Wait a minute, why am I sad that I got her? It’s a true icon of what makes Metal Gear bosses so great, the real life feeling and the sudden twist to make you care about them just as they die. Sniper Wolf did that well with an ending speech, several characters crying, and the urge to do justice. (And eventually run into another sniper that annoys the hell out of you! She haunts us, I swear!)

4.) Cyborg Ninja

This badass ninja is an icon of the series even though he was only a part of it for a short time in the first Metal Gear Solid. What makes him so memorable is the game leading up to your eventual battle. You learn a bit about the exoskeleton and the guy locked up inside of it, and then you come across a creepy hallway. Littered with dead bodies, blood, and warnings the game slightly pushes you into a room at the end of it all. Inside is one of the coolest boss battles of the franchise as a ninja is jumping around the room, deflecting bullets, and causing mayhem like no other. Eventually you knock his teeth in and he too makes you feel a bit bad about actually winning….

3.) Ray vs Rex

How do you talk boss battles in the Metal Gear universe and not bring up actual Meta Gears? Snake(s) have had their fair share of time running from them, shooting at them, and blowing them up, but one battle in particular took things to a whole new level. Snake finally gets to not only pilot one, but he gets to take down another one with Liquid (his arch enemy) in it. Talk about insane! This is the ultimate climax of the series, the two machines the entire series relies on are going head-to-head in one epic mech battle that surpasses everything. The environment blows up, rockets are shooting everywhere, and two giant beasts that could potentially destroy the world are instead occupied in killing each other. Then to top things off, MGS4 has a lot of nostalgic value when it returned to Shadow Moses so to do that within that area is even cooler as a MGS fan. It is fair to say in terms of purely being epic, this battle takes the cake.

2.) The Boss

Honestly I don’t know of another boss battle that is more important than the one that takes place at the end of Metal Gear Solid 3. It is set up beautifully as The Boss constantly appears and lets you go from her grasp throughout the game for some deep meaning, but then the time comes. Snake or The Boss need to go, and considering we are playing as Snake we are pretty sure it won’t be him. A lot of the story within the Metal Gear universe rested on this one character and it takes no exceptions to that at all with quotes between the characters that will be remembered by fans for some time.

Then there is the actual battle that takes place within a field of flowers (which also have meaning) and the game decides to throw a pop quiz at you. Hope you have been listening to all the game mechanics you have been learning because they all pretty much come into play as you try to take down The Boss. It goes down as not only one of the more challenging battles, but one of the most iconic battles in the series. Knowing about other games, think of how much would have changed if Snake didn’t win, or perhaps this battle never took place. That is what makes it so great.

1.) Psycho Mantis

Let’s face facts here, it’s hard to talk Metal Gear without bringing this lunatic to the table. We all remember him reading your memory card to snoop on your Castlevania save, and we all remember him forcing you to get up and switch controller ports because he is a pain and decided the first slot isn’t good enough. This is what made him so iconic, the memories we have when we came across him. The creepy gas masked freak that plays with Snake’s mind as he throws antique furniture at you will never get old. Meanwhile you are scrambling in real life trying to figure out if the boss battle is still going on, or if your PlayStation just took a crap. It was slightly challenging to battle Mantis, but it was highly memorable. I am a great fan of the character Meryl and watching her become basically brainwashed was phenomenal! I swear if he turns my TV off one more time though….

Metal Gear is chock full of great scenarios and amazing work put into the back stories of every major villain that is in the game. Each boss battle has some sort of significance given to it, and will pull you on a thrill ride one way or another. We want to know, what top 5 battles are your favorite?