Unboxing Starlink: Battle For Atlas Toys (Star Fox Starter Pack)

Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle For Atlas is now available for gamers to pick up and enjoy. Featuring space/planetary combat over a variety of locations, one of the game’s primary selling points is the ability to customize and swap out the parts of the starships you use in the game. 

To that end, a series of toys have launched in conjunction with the game, which you can use to change the loadout of your ship IN the game (think Skylanders). While toys to life games may not be your thing, there’s no denying how cool these little ships and figures actually are. Ubisoft was incredibly kind enough to send some my way, and in the video below you can watch me unbox the SUPER AWESOME Star Fox starter pack and talk about my thoughts on it so far. 

As I mentioned in the video, I’ve actually been playing the game for the last several days without the toys (the digital versions don’t require them). So even if you’re not looking to pick up any extra toys/accessories but want to enjoy the game, you’re in luck. I’ve certainly been enjoying my time with the game, and it’s taken me back to some of my fondest starfighter/flying game memories (Star Fox, Rogue Squadron, etc). It’s a lot of fun and surprisingly addictive, so I’m eager to see how adding in the toy elements will change the overall experience. 

For more of my thoughts on the game be sure to keep it here on Cinelinx as I’ll be posting my full review here pretty soon. If you’re looking to snag some of these Starlink toys (they look neat even without being attached to a game), be sure to snag some here on Amazon.