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It’s almost time to put E3 2019 to bed.  Before we can do that, though, we need YOUR help to choose the winner of our Cinelinx Best of E3 2019 Award!  Our E3 2019 crew scoured the show floor to find the 10 games they believed were deserving of a nomination.  Now, it’s up to you to decide who wins!  Read why the games were chosen and vote on your favorite, below! (Voting ends Sunday 6/23 @11:59pm CT)

Which Game Wins Cinelinx Best of E3 2019

DOOM Eternal
Borderlands 3
Cyberpunk 2077
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin
Dying Light 2
Evil Genius 2
Lost Words: Beyond the Page
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DOOM Eternal – Caleb

The Doom Slayer is back and better than ever in Doom Eternal. The 20 minutes of gameplay we got to experience was enough to make me understand this title will be the largest DOOM of all time. With the expanded lore, new levels to explore, and more demons to kill DOOM Eternal is pumping up the action like never before.

One thing I have always wanted from the DOOM Series was more visual representation of the lore or the background of the DOOM world. Up until now, we knew the main character as the DOOMGuy, but since the re-launch he has been branded as the DOOM Slayer and boy has his reimaging made me one happy camper!

I can only imagine what we will learn and see in DOOM Eternal, to here more of my impressions on what we played at E3 2019 head here:


Borderlands 3 – Boltz

Welcome vault hunters, its Handsome Jack, Nooooooooooo not really it’s the Calypso Twins the new baddies in town, Welcome back, and to your eventual gruesome death.

Let’s start by saying I’m gonna miss Handsome Jack, but there will be tons of new baddies to blow up and tons of new weapons to use them on. With 4 new vault hunters, and new special powers, you have come to take on the The Twins. With billions of weapons at your disposal you’ll be able to wreak havoc on the many different baddies and the many new different worlds. With each new world you’ll encounter new creatures that are only inhabitant to that world.

You’ll be going from a planet that looks like the bayous of Louisiana to a neon light bright city. Don’t forget you’ll be traveling in style in your new ship called Sanctuary III, dang skippy. Fine for some EXPLOSIONSSSSSSSSS, and time to rage. Also don’t forget Borderlands 3 still offers the amazing 2 to 4 player co-OP for badder baddies and more insane badass weapons.

Borderlands 3 offers the greatness that is the series, high octane fast past shoot everything in sight and use a badass weapon to do it. While tearing up this new worlds you’ll encounter some of the old fun bodies, Tiny Tina, Brick, and Mordecai. Coming in September 2019, can’t wait to travel and blow some stuff up.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Boltz and Caleb

While the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox Presentation blew our minds with the announcement of Keanu Reeves joining the cast, we can all agree that the game stands out on its own for its amazing visual representation of the CyberPunk world we have always dreamed of.

With crazy customization like none-other, you can make a character to fit any gameplay style from a tank to a stealth hacker, there is no limit to what you can create in this breathtaking world.

One thing that really stood out to us was the overall visual art direction for this game. As you drive through the streets of this failed city, you see how different this world is to our own. Cyber augmentation has taken the world by storm, turning what was once humans in to synthetic beings. This had a huge visual representation in the game demo we saw and really sold the overall “BladeRunner” 80’s future look Cyberpunk pushes in the game.

We really can’t wait for the release of this game next April, but until then we will watch the CyberPunk/Keanu Reveal trailer another 100 times.


Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – Caleb

We have wanted a more open and alive Dragon Ball game for some time, Bandai Namco has listened and decided to bring their fans Dragon Ball Kakarot, a semi-open world action RPG. Yes, we have had a lot of Dragon Ball Z games set in the Z saga, but never have we had a game that lets us explore the world and make our own choices in the game.

During our E3 playtime, I was able to talk to characters in the world that gave me side missions, travel to area I want to see without having to unlock those areas, hell I was even able to harvest food from hunting and fishing!

The combat system is somewhat similar to Xenoverse, but seems more simple and a bit more refined. It was way easier to go in to battle and take of foes like Raditz, even with the camera being set in the third person/over the shoulder mode that was in Xenoverse 1 and 2. I can’t wait to dive into the amazing world of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot in early 2020


LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga – Katy

Between being completely rebuilt brick by brick and the immersive changes to the gameplay, Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga is setting TT Studios up to bring fresh gameplay to a formula that has worked for sometime. Lego Star Wars was a fitting series of titles to bring back to life, as we have gotten a bevy of new films in the last five years and we are anticipating more. My only hope is that they choose to incorporate the standalone titles as well, but the development team confirmed to me during E3 that they have no plans “at this time.”

I didn’t get a chance to play the game hands-on, but I had the opportunity to sit through a guided demo of the gameplay, where the team outlined the changes to the combat mechanics as well as showcasing the vast open world (and the universe) that is ready to be explored.

You can read more about my first impressions and gameplay here. (

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Caleb

This was by far the easiest award to give out and for good reason. I have been a Crash Bandicoot fan since the original came out in 1996, then when CTR launched in ‘99 I was overjoyed. Since we were a low income family, we only had so much money and couldn’t get every game that had released.

I played the hell out of the Crash series, but did not know if we could afford CTR…but of course my father surprised us and got the title because he knew how much we really wanted the game. So when I heard the news that CTR was coming back I flip my wig! The game is extremely fasted paced, has probably the best graphical presentation I have seen on a kart racing game, and…well it Crash, what else do you want! To feel my full impressions on the game click here: (

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin – Katy

I picked up and played Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin on a complete whim as I explored the show floor at E3.

I have always been a fan of XSeed titles, especially Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons and Rune Factory, so I was caught off guard about a game I hadn’t heard of. And I would be lying if it I said my interest wasn’t piqued by a developer saying, among many things, that there is farming in the game. I have a love for this that I truly cannot qualify, but I would also be lying if I said that the farming is what pushed me towards this Best of E3 nod.

The farming is just one aspect of the game, where you play as the Harvest Goddess Sakuna on a journey of self-discovery and understanding of the human world, incorporating rich Japanese history and legend into gorgeous gameplay.

The game is a side-scrolling action platformer with controls that are incredibly smooth for strategically kiting and dodging your enemy attacks, with fun mechanics like Sakuna’s heavenly scarf to keep the gameplay fresh while traversing through the world.

The game includes your base of operations in the village, where you farm, cook, and craft, but I didn’t get a chance to play through this aspect of the game.

You can read more about my first impressions here.

Evil Genius 2 – Katy

Base builders are my everything and Evil Genius 2 captured my love in this sequel to the classic satirical spy base builder originally launched in 2004.

The core gameplay is the same: Play as an Evil Genius (Maximilian is back with three other geniuses!), set up your lair, thwart justice, and then achieve world domination!

The team at Rebellion has worked to balance the overall gameplay while making great additions and giving promotions to some of the characters from the flasgship title: Players will have the choice of differently sized islands to build your base on (and under) meaning that there are new ways the Forces of Justice and their Super Agents will work to unravel your illicit operation.

I have no idea how the original title has not been on my radar, but I can say that Evil Genius 2 is easily one of my most anticipated games to be shown at E3.

You can read more about my first impressions here.

Dying Light 2 – Boltz

Dying Light 2 is a perfect sequel. 15 years later u step back in this wonderful distressed city. Zombie’s have evolved and humans are infected. You enter this new but old world as Aiden Caldwell, our hero, our superman. With many of the same tricks as Dying light, parkour is back and more fun. Leaping from building to building, sliding through bars and glass have never been more exhilarating. Building and making weapons at your disposal, is back, what can u design to lope of some zombie heads and maybe some fellow man.

New to Dying Light 2 is decision based conversation. This is something that is near and dear to me, via the Mass Effect games. Depending on what actions you choice can and will alter the city. Maybe opening new parts of the city, or releasing a horde of zombies, even maybe some new ones we’ve never seen. What will your choices and be how will alter the world around you, for the better or the worse. Along with these choices depending on who you help could save your life, provide u with a safe house maybe some food or even that desperate ever elusive H2O. So be kind or u may not make it our alive.

What else can I say about this title, I’m super excited to play this game. Up above are some of the many reasons im so ready. From changing the world around you, to the ever fun out run the night, to the player co-OP. With many reasons out there, and many I didn’t list, I can not wait to play this game.


Lost Words: Beyond the Page – Katy

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is breathtakingly beautiful story that takes you through an emotional journey by Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett that touches on topics like love, loss, and grief in a platformer adventure where words are (literally) magic.

The game by Sketchbook Games takes place in the main character Izzy’s journal where she explores her dream of being the world’s next great writer, building the fantasy world of Estoria where the rest of the game takes place. This juxtaposition of exploring Izzy’s thoughts and emotions through the powers of her words, which in-turn become the source of the main character’s power, was a refreshing new mechanic to explore.

The game itself reminds me of Child of Light between the moving narrative and vibrant artwork that the world is built in, so I was instantly enraptured by Lost Words between the moving narrative and vibrant artwork that the world is built in, so I was instantly enraptured by Lost Words. My limited experience with the game touched my heart to the point that I was in tears by the end of my short play through and I feel that connection was only a taste of what the game has to offer.

You can read more about my first impressions here.