We Played the Crazy Japanese Boxing Game, Love Upper, So You Didn’t Have To

Video games have been around for a while now, and in it’s last few decades, there’s been plenty of weird, wacky, and plain awful gaming experiences released.  The goal of our brand new show is play these various games that you may have never gotten the pleasure(?) of checking out for yourself.  We’re kicking things off with Love Upper, or Simple 2000 Ultimate Vol. 6, being played by Travis and Eric (the Fathergamer).  It’s a simple game that tries to put a story to the boxing action, but the true goal boils down to unlocking new and more provactive outfits for your fighters:

There’s only one problem with our new show…it needs a name!  Next week, we’re going to leave up to you guys, our readers/viewers in a contest to determine what the ultimate name of the show will be.  In the meantime be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates and plenty of other gaming and movie awesomeness.  

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