We Unbox More Playstation and Dragon Ball Funko POPs! | 2nd Opinion Pro Unboxing

The time has finally come, we are back with more content for you all and this time were unboxing more Playstation and Dragon Ball Funko POPs! Now, I know the content on the channel has been scarce but we are back at it and want to say thank you to everyone for sticking with us!

We also want to say welcome to the new subscribers! We are only 50 subs away from finally hitting 1,000 subs and we promise to make more content in the coming month you keep you all entertained! We hope you enjoy the unboxing, check back soon for more gameplay, unboxings, and review!

(Music Provided by: TEK INDUSTRIES)

Welcome to 2nd Opinion Productions! We are finally getting things back in line and making more gaming content for you all! Please make sure to give us a sub and check out some more content at Cinelinx.com!

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