4 Reasons The PS4 Launch Has Been More Successful Than the PS3’s


We Have Call of Duty

I don’t know if many people remember this, but PS3 owners had to wait forever for Call of Duty 4 to come out to PS3. Meanwhile everyone on the Xbox side fell in love with what will become the greatest selling franchise ever. This time we get those titles. We have Call of Duty (Ghosts sold over 700k units, that’s how important it is) and we have other major third party support. So we have Battlefield, Assassins Creed, and sports titles right away too. On PS3 we all basically played Resistance for a year (great game, we just wanted more) then transitioned to Rainbow Six: Vegas, before finally getting addicted to COD.

The third party support was nearly gone, and many loyal third parties jumped ship on Sony due to low sales of the PS3. Basically everything the Vita is currently going through happened to the PS3, and at one point people were counting it out. Luckily Sony pushed through.

infamous second son

We Are Getting More Games Soon

Unlike the PS3, we are getting some rather fantastic games fast. We don’t have to wait long till InFamous: Second Son releases, and Metal Gear should be right after that. MGS4 was a hot title for the PS4 that took forever to finally release. This time we get it fast, we see all kinds of support for the PS4 and the early launch numbers help keep that support.

PS4 1

PSN Isn’t A Mess

Sure PSN was slightly overwhelmed at launch with all the new features, but overall it has been doing great. Once you got games updated, you could connect fine, and it seems to be more stable now. With PS3, PSN was still a new thing for Sony and had lots of kinks to work out. This is where fans started saying PSN was “inferior” with disconnects and issues. With PS4 it’s a lot better, and it was improved within days instead of months.

PS3 Small

If You Want One, You Probably Got It

When the PS3 first released, it was actually hard to find one that wasn’t overpriced on Ebay. The shortage of supply and the high price tag made the install base initially low. Now with over a million units sold, Sony has fixed both issues with the PS4. It has a nice price tag, and Sony is making sure anyone that wants one will get one with a huge supply to meet demand. Of course there are still a few people that are probably waiting, but it’s a lot better than when PS3 released. Instead of waiting to grab a console, we are waiting to grab games! A much better feeling!

The overall biggest reason it’s better is simply because Sony isn’t introducing something entirely new, and its all about games. With PS3 Sony was juggling several products at once, including the major one called Blu-ray. So much effort was put into so many things, the core experience of PS3 was pushed aside. Remember the slogan, It does everything? Well it did, but like Wal-mart, covering everything means the actual focus is gone. With PS4, Sony is set with Blu-ray and is content with other products, so the focus of a gaming machine is there entirely. What do you think? Is the PS4 launch better so far than the PS3? What is your favorite launch in console history?