Win a Copy of Dragon Ball FighterZ During UGF’s DBFZ Tournament This Friday

Now that the Madden NFL Classic has concluded, it’s time to play for championships once again!  This Friday, UGF gets back on track with the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament!  8 players will enter the UGF Performance Center in hopes of showing their Dragon Ball FighterZ dominance and earning a shot at the Cinelinx UGF Championship, currently being held by the newly crowned champion, Michael Anthony Shafer.

Here’s how the bracket checks out:

dbz bracket

Shafer’s championship reign may be a short one, as the new champion must make his first defense against #1 Contender, Call of Duty WWII tournament, and Madden NFL Classic winner Quad C in a game of Mario Kart 64!  This will be the 3rd time these two have met up.  The previous 2 times it was in the Finals of the Mario Kart 8 tournament and WWE 2K18 King of the Ring.  Quad C took the first bout and Shafer answered with a dominant win at King of the Ring.  Who will win the rubber match in what has become a highly competitive rivalry?

You too can get in on the action, though, just by watching!  This Friday, during the UGF Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament, you could win a copy of Dragon Ball FighterZ on PC!  Just watch the broadcast, starting at 7pm, on Facebook and YouTube and wait for the code to appear on the screen.  Once it does, it’s first come, first serve and you could walk away from the broadcast with your PC copy of Dragon Ball FighterZ!

You have to watch to win, This Friday at 7pm on our Facebook and YouTube channels!