World War Games Commences This Week on UGF

It’s time for another UGF tournament!  However, this won’t just be any tournament.  This will be World War Games, the first-ever First-person shooter PvP tournament held on United Gaming Federation!

8 players will compete this Friday at 7pm, LIVE at Nerdvana Food and Spirits and streaming on the Cinelinx channels of FacebookYoutubeTwitch, and Mixer for a chance at video game glory by playing in 1v1 PvP Call of Duty World War II!  Here’s how the bracket fills out:

 War Games

Each match will be played under 5-minute Deathmatch rules.  Highest score after 5 minutes moves on until there is only one person standing at the end of the tournament.  Who will be victorious and become the next #1 contender to the Cinelinx UGF Championship?

Will it be Quad C, the former #1 contender who lost in the King of the Ring finals?  Or is it LA‘s time to shine after being a perennial contender?  Don’t count out Ntropi, Kas, Tha Mad Zack, or Frankie Fisher as all are UGF veterans.  The wild cards will be the mysterious Equinox and play-by-play commentator Livi Loca, who will be making their UGF debuts! 

Then, in the main event, the title is on the line as new Champion LLP defends against #1 contender and self-proclaimed show stealer The Kingsman in the classic NES game TECMO Bowl!

Catch the show live in person as it happens this Friday, 12/8, at 7pm LIVE from Nerdvana in Frisco! Great food and drinks, and meet the competitors! Or watch the live broadcast on the channels!