Customization, Camping, Curry, and 2 New Pokemon Revealed for Sword & Shield

Today’s Nintendo Direct announced 3 new features never-before-seen in a Pokemon game and 2 new Pokemon that are, in a word, unique. More within…

With every new entry into the development of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, we continue to discover just how different and with the times Nintendo is getting with the Pokemon franchise. Today’s Nintendo Direct is continued proof of that, as Sword & Shield offers 3 new features we’ve never had in the Pokemon franchise.

1. Character Customization

They could’ve done a 40 minute Nintendo Direct on this topic, alone, and we would’ve been on the edge of our seats the whole time. That’s because this is as different as different comes for a Pokemon game. Previously, we’ve only been able to choose whether we’d be a boy or a girl and decide 1 outfit we’d wear for the duration of the game. Pokemon Let’s Go added a bit more customization, in terms of clothing, but it was a drop in the bucket compared to this.

In Sword and Shield we actually choose what we wear, purchase new clothing, and change when we wish. The added bonus? We actually get to change our hairstyle, add makeup, color our eyes, etc. This type of customization is what fans have yearned for, for ages. It just adds a more unique feeling to YOUR Pokemon adventure.

2. Camping

This part is really cool. Throughout your journey, trainers will have the opportunity to stop the adventure and camp with their Pokemon. While camping, they can talk to their Pokemon and even play with them or have them play with each other to allow relationships and bonds to grow. The added benefit is Pokemon get stronger by doing this.

Plus, in the new Wild Area, trainers can camp with trainers online and interact with their Pokemon. Up to 4 trainers can interact in one camp setting, which would seem to garner rewards of some kind and potentially even facilitate trade discussions.

3. Curry on Rice

I swear, Nintendo just gets us. I never thought I would care about cooking in a game until The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but the 100s of hours logged cooking any and everything proved me wrong. Now you’re telling me that we can cook in a Pokemon game, there are over 100 types of curries to create, and each curry includes a unique perk? Consider me in. Plus, as an added bonus, you log the recipes in what’s called a Curry Dex! Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield just keeps getting better and better…

4. Polteageist and Cramorant

Let’s talk about the new Pokemon Nintendo revealed today. Polteageist and Cramorant. Cramorant seems like your standard, don’t go near electricity, Flying/Water-type Pokemon. Except, when it uses a move like Surf or Dive, it has the potential to actually catch and attempt to eat a fish in battle. If that wasn’t wild enough, if Cramorant is attacked at this point, it launches the fish at the attacking Pokemon, using Gulp Missile.

The other Pokemon revealed, Polteageist is just all shades of different. Before I go into how, give its official synopsis a read: Polteageist is a ghost-type Pokémon, and makes a home for itself by hiding among dishes at hotels and restaurants. Its body is made of tea, and it may even let a trusting Trainer have a taste of its tea. Ok, so…it’s a ghost that is made of tea…and YOU CAN DRINK IT?! What in the world? I need to play this game just for an explanation on that!

The content shown during today’s Nintendo Direct only enforces that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is going to be one of the most unique experiences we’ve ever had. Your journey to Galar Region begins on November 15, 2019, only on Nintendo Switch.