CWL Champs Power Rankings: TK Remains On Top; Evil Geniuses Surging

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1.       Team Kaliber

Team Kaliber started off the Call of Duty World League tournament at a dominant pace no one saw coming.  By winning both Dallas and New Orleans opens, they quickly became the favorites in the next few tournaments.  However, that success couldn’t be sustained and TK had to part with Chino (Now with EnVy) and bring in Fero to give themselves a better shot.  TK saw the fruits of their labor pay off in Stage 2 Playoffs, as they took home the 1st place prize.  Now, the boys in blue, who have been favorites from the start, have found themselves in the driver’s seat in Columbus.  By taking down Rise Nation (3-1), talented newcomers Elevate (3-0), and handing crowd favorites EUnited their first 3 losses of the tournament, TK is poised to win it all. 

Next Opponent: Evil Geniuses

2.       Evil Geniuses

A typical Call of Duty World League tournament will usually see several matches go to 5 games.  On Saturday, during the Call of Duty World League 2018, there was only 1 match that went to 5 games.  One.  Do you understand how unprecedented that is?  If not, it’s EXTREMELY unprecedented.  That’s just a testament to how prepared and dominant these CoD teams were going into Saturday.  The one game that went to 5? Evil Geniuses vs Team EnVyUs and who won?  Evil Geniuses.  The team of SiLLY, Assault, Apathy, and self-proclaimed villain of CoD ACHES, has rolled through the competition at CoD World League, scoring 3 back to back to back sweeps against the opposition.  One of those 3-0 sweeps was a game in which they put the nail in the coffin of last year’s CoD Champs, Optic Gaming, guaranteeing a new champion in 2018.  Since that confidence-boosting moment, the Evil Geniuses stomped Team Vitality and Lightning Pandas, and won that gut-check of a match against EnVy.  If anyone stands the best shot of taking down the TK juggernauts, it’s those Evil Geniuses we’d be fools to count out.

Next Opponent: TK

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3.       EUnited

If you follow Call of Duty World League, one of the perennial contenders is EUnited.  With Optic Gaming out, the EU fanbase filled up the Nationwide Arena to watch their team dominate the competition, and they did not disappoint.  The brothers Arcitys and Prestinni, Clayster, and new-to-2018 Felo swept the Euros of Red Reserve and UNILAD only to fall to TK in a tough, gritty, back and forth game that was the best match of the day.  Despite that loss, EU still has one of the best shots to win this tournament, because of two traits, tenacity and the ability to adjust when the going gets rough.  As Prestinni and Arcitys said to us in an interview, they never stop playing, they always want to be the best, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get to the top and become 2018 World Champions.  They’re currently the favorites to blow out the Losers Bracket.

Next Opponent: Luminosity

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4.       Luminosity

Some could argue that Team EnVyUs should be here, and I wouldn’t blame them, they’ve played well, but they haven’t played as well as Luminosity.  Despite being surprised by Elevate and getting an early exit from Winner’s Bracket, Luminosity has run the table in the Loser’s Bracket, knocking out Rise Nation in an epic backwards sweep (3-2).  After that, they’ve had the wind in their sails, as they flew by Lightning Pandas (3-1) and Red Reserve.  Now, the team that carries the last member of that 2017 Championship Optic team, the CoD Champs 2017 MVP FormaL and the runner-up in 2017 and former champion JKap has a chance to win the whole thing.  Granted, it’s a lofty climb against talented opponents of EUnited and Faze Clan/EnVy/EG/TK but they have the championship pedigree and the skill to pull off something incredible.

Next Opponent: EUnited

5.       Team EnVyUs

The team of Classic, Decemate, Chino, and Huke have had a very successful CoD tournament, earning wins over Faze Clan (3-2) and Ghost Gaming (3-1).  Their only stumble happened against a red-hot Evil Geniuses team.  MVP-caliber performances from Chino and Huke have lifted this team throughout the tournament, but when push comes to shove, that talent enough may not be enough to give this team a championship.  You can never count out the impossible, but with EUnited and Luminosity in the Loser’s Bracket, it’s going to be tough mudding to make it to the end.  That being said, I do foresee and solid showing and win against Faze Clan.

Next Opponent: Faze Clan

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6.       Faze Clan

Faze Clan fans are a wild and dedicated bunch, so I have no doubt many of them will hate this opinion, but out of all of the teams in the top 6 Faze Clan is the one with the least shot at winning the CoD Championship.  Granted, they did win Stage 1, but in this tournament they haven’t showed that same dominance.  Their first game of Friday, against EnVy, saw the boys in blue come back to knock out team red to the Loser’s Bracket.  Since then, they have performed well against Team Sween (3-1), UNILAD (3-0), and Elevate (3-0).  While yes, those sound like dominant numbers, consider the fact that when they faced a well-known, talented team in EnVy, they lost.  Now, their next game is a rematch from Friday.  Can the team of Attach, ZooMaa, Replays, and Priestahh Faze Up for this rematch, the odds say no, but as Han Solo says, “Never Tell Me The Odds!”.

Next Opponent: Team EnVyUs

Championship Sunday for Call of Duty World League gets underway at 12pm ET with Team EnVy vs Faze Clan live on Twitch and  Find out who wins and stay tuned for more interviews on Cinelinx!