D23: Square Enix Announces Big Hero 6 World In Kingdom Hearts III

During D23’s Interactive presentation, Square Enix surprised everyone by taking the stage and giving us just a tidbit of information regarding the upcoming, long awaited game, Kingdom Hearts III.  

Big Hero 6 will have a world in Kingdom Hearts III.

What’s more, is that they have announced that it will be a continuation from the award-winning animated superhero film.  Square Enix has confirmed that the main enemy in Kingdom Hearts III will convert the Baymax that was left in the other dimension into a heartless in order to attack our heroes in San Fransokyo.  

I am a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and hearing this news has me aching for the game to come out already.  Just looking at Sora riding Baymax has me and everyone else clamoring for this game.

Sadly, there is no release date announced yet. 

What do you think of the Big news for Kingdom Hearts III?