Date Your Weapons in the Unique Trailer for Boyfriend Dungeon

With the release of Dream Daddy late in 2017, more dating simulators have started emerging.  However, the team at Kitfox Games appears to have taken the proverbial cake, by meshing the dating simulator genre with the classic dungeon crawler RPG to create the most unique game we’ve ever witnessed, Boyfriend Dungeon: Date Your Weapons.

Yes, for those who have thought about dating their dagger, sword, talwar, epee, etc. this is the game for you.  For, while you’re fighting the enemies within the dungeon, you will have those classic encounters from Dating Simulators to break up the action. 

And no, your eyes did not deceive you, you can select a cat to be your mate.  I assume the weapon will sleep all day, knock over pens to the floor, and bite you when it’s tired of being petted.

Boyfriend Dungeon: Date Your Weapons will release in 2019.  Keep an eye on Kitfox Games for more info as it releases or find it here.