Dauntless Hits Closed Beta, Check It Out

The new game from Phoenix Labs is very similar to the likes of Monster Hunter where a team of slayers take on big beasts in vast open lands. The game uses a new live service which will give players updates including “Behemoths, weapons and armor, islands, story expansions and much more in the Closed Beta and beyond. “

The game has several Founders Packs online which will grant you access to the currently running closed beta of the game. An open beta will follow, but there is currently no release date for that or the eventual release. The final release will include a “free-to-play” version, but those buying founders packs will obviously have more content and unlock things faster.

“The Founder’s Alpha has been an inspirational experience for everyone here at Phoenix Labs. We’ve been collaborating with community, iterating on feedback, and improving Dauntless every day.” said Jesse Houston, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Phoenix Labs. “Dauntless is a living game that we’ll be continuing to evolve, grow and expand through Closed Beta, Open Beta and beyond. Today’s Closed Beta launch marks the beginning of an amazing  journey we’ll be taking with the Dauntless community for years to come.”

Players can also jump in the fun early by visiting the team at their PAX West booth, Phoenix Labs booth #2335, where players that survive will be granted access to the beta among other bonuses in the game.