Demon’s Souls Remastered Gets an Extended Gameplay Trailer

Sony and Bluepoint Games showcased an extended gameplay trailer for Demon’s Souls, giving players a look at the foreboding locales and deadly enemies lurking in Boletaria.

“In Demon’s Souls, we send you back to the fog-ridden kingdom of Boletaria like you’ve never seen it before,” developers said in a blog post on the Sony website. “Here, death is not the end, and again the challenge seems insurmountable. But this dark world draws you in nonetheless, with its sumptuous sights and chilling sounds. Through the power of haptics, you feel every visceral blow, making even small victories all the sweeter.”

Sony said in the blog post they have been working on the next gen remaster for the last three years with Bluepoint Games.

“It was essential to us that we recreated Demon’s Souls in such a way that longtime fans are transported back to the Boletaria they love,” developers said. “It’s the Boletaria that has been growing and maturing in their imaginations for over a decade. A place where every room, corner, and corridor has a story to tell. Here, the original characters, encounters and battles are brought to life in greater fidelity, making the story even richer and darker.”

Demon’s Souls, originally developed by FromSofrware, launched on the PlayStation 3 in 2009. It is the inaugural title in the famed Souls series, which includes Dark Souls (all three). FromSoftware also developed Bloodborne, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, as well as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and the upcoming Elden Ring alongside George R. R. Martin.

“Even as we went back to the drawing board to build upon the original art, sound, music, and feel, our goal was always to remain true to the vision of the original classic – its story, gameplay and level design. With this in mind, we fine-tuned the title to ensure the game remains fresh and appeals to new users accustomed to modern controls and experiences,” develops said. “Above all, this is to ensure the lands of Boletaria are living and breathing worlds, home to all manner of terrors, brimming with tension and challenge. In this way, we hope that Demon’s Souls is both parts new and familiar, welcoming to veterans and newcomers alike.”