Despite Rumors, God Of War: Ragnarok Planned For November

Recent rumors swirling the internet suggested the game was delayed to 2023, but inside sources confirm the game is still slated for this year.

November to be exact. 3 Sources, according to Bloomberg, stated that the game is still on schedule to release this year and Sony should make it official later this month. Unrelated, during Summer Games Fest, Naughty Dog (The Last of Us) also stated that we will hear more information on some games “soon” rather than next year, so it seems Sony is indeed floating some type of announcement later this month which will potentially showcase both studios.

The initial rumor suggested that the games absence at Summer Games Fest along with no appearances in recent State of Plays meant the game was being delayed to next year. The original release date was slated for September, so it appears no matter what that the game will see a delay of some nature one way or another.

Hopefully Sony can put the rumor to rest soon with some type of event later this month.


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