Destiny 2 Becomes Official With New Poster Tease

Earlier a poster leaked of Destiny 2 which hinted an announcement was incoming rather shortly. Well Bungie has made the game official with a real poster tease of the Destiny 2 logo.

The logo was revealed on the official Destiny Twitter page. Though this was most likely to keep pace with the leak earlier because nothing else has followed. We have no further details or trailers to show, or when we can expect to see them. E3 is still a few months away so this might be a little too early to say it is an E3 tease, so perhaps we will get more very soon instead.

Typically Activision shows off Call of Duty during April, but with slipping sales maybe Destiny has slid up to be revealed instead, or alongside the new Call of Duty.

Destiny 2 is expected to drop this Fall with a beta releasing before the game, possibly first on PS4. There is also a rumor the game will jump to PC alongside consoles. The only real information we have is that while your character will visually transfer to the new game, none of your stats or gear will go with.

Stick around as we uncover the trailer which should be releasing soon!