Destiny 2 Poster Images Leaked

Last August, the concept art for Destiny 2 was leaked, showing guardians with new powers and a burning landscape.  Today, there was, yet again, another big leak as a poster for the upcoming Destiny sequel found its way onto the internet.  Check it out below.


Now we’ve seen upticks in hiring at Bungie and all kinds of rumors but here it is in four color glory. The poster is nice, it has a couple of Guardians on it, but the most intriguing part of this poster is the September 8th release date, rolled up above.  If this poster happens to be the real thing, it means that more footage and information should be pouring out of the Bungie/Activision studios soon.  

Remember when the folks at Bungie said characters would transfer between the games? Time to see if that holds true because we haven’t forgotten Bungie, we haven’t forgotten. Keep it here for more news as it becomes available. But yeah I would like to start playing Destiny again, but maybe don’t charge me so much for DLC.

-Jason The X

That beginning line of this article was written intentionally to see if you have a dirty mind. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JasonTheX