Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2020 Event Kicks Off Next Week

When Destiny 2 updates next Tuesday, Guardians will see the return of the annual Solstice of Heroes event. If you’re confused by which event this is, because there are so many, it’s the one that gives you glow-y armor.

Bungie celebrated its return with a trailer of Guardians showing their best dance moves.

Whoever chose the music bed for this trailer deserves a hefty raise. Nevertheless, Solstice of Heroes takes place August 11, 2020 – September 8, 2020. During that time, Guardians will be afforded the opportunity to collect and improve fancy new armor pieces.

Once a Guardian gets their armor to Majestic level, their armor will begin to glow. However, as one data miner revealed, it may not be so easy. Data miner Ginsor found that getting armor to Majestic requires:

  • Completing a Nightfall: The Ordeal strike on Master Difficulty
  • Completing a Nightmare Hunt on the Moon
  • Completing the Pit of Heresy on the Moon
  • Winning 7 Trials of Osiris matches (Not all on the same card)
  • Defeating the Final Boss in Altars of Sorrow

Easy, right?

Well if that seems unattainable, Eververse will be offering new ornaments that will allow any legendary armor piece to glow. So everyone can still get their glow on, some way, somehow.

Finally, Bungie is offering one last reward for Solstice of Heroes participants. Guardians who finish “The Solstice Begins” quest will unlock a free Solstice of Heroes music track. I’m really hoping that the music track is the dance-inducing beat heard in the trailer.

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes takes place August 11, 2020September 8, 2020.