Destiny Gets Redbull Promotion; Techland Makes Fun Of It

Activision announced earlier this morning that they are parnering with Red Bull to offer an exclusive quest in Destiny for the upcoming The Taken King expansion. The quest is exclusive to those that buy marked cans of the energy drink until at least early 2016.

Fans have been up in arms about the partnership for the most part, but the best response has been from the Dying Light devs, Techland. They posted, via their Twitter, the picture above and exlaimed that they are “joining the new ad trend.”

Pretty funny! Yes that is just a glass of water and you get some free bonus stuff in the game. Meanwhile we also have Destiny’s redbull ad posted below in case you would like to see what they are making fun of!

The Taken King releases in September and Dying Light is available now!

Destiny ad